Friday, January 15, 2010

Archbishop dies with his people

Pray, pray, pray
and give, give, give for the people of Haiti.

Donations may be sent to Missio Haiti through the London office at 23 Eccleston Square. This will be used to rebuild the shattered Churches in Haiti. For further information, please phone 020 7963 6829 or e-mail Monsignor John Dale at


Anonymous said...

Cheers for the video Fr,edifying. Donations can also be sent to the Catholic Relief Service over the internet too.

I've yet to do a post, but I've found the example of many blogs similarly edifying-the prayer, fasting and doantions and news.

At the time of writing this, your last three posts have 10, 17 and 15comments each, this post has none. Fr. Tim Finigan has done two posts on Haiti- 0 and 1 comment(about CAFORD). Blue grass music video got 14, and Nick Clegg got 8 moans. Fr. Z two posts- 3 and 4 comments.

It seems a bit odd looking? Maybe because everyone has done their own posts on it? "I'm just asking" (Fr.Z)

Nicolas Bellord said...

Apostolate: We have to remember our priorities:

Government to Haiti: £7 million and perhaps more to come.

Ordinary folk to DEC: £2 million and probably more.

RBS to its staff by way of bonus(presumably using money provided by the tax payer): £1 BILLION.

Peter said...

The Order of Malta also has an appeal to boost its existing team in Haiti.

As for the number of comments on posts I suspect that it depends on the ability of readers to add anything useful. We should pray for the victims but there is little to be gained from saying that 15 times over.
Denouncing baddies is easier!

Thank you Father

Anonymous said...

Peter, you get the point I was making, and with humour! Notice you say

'there is little to be gained'

It just made me think that Maybe it's better to give a comment of solidarity or a promise of prayers etc than to shoot the baddies and get something from it? Sometimes the 'shoot the baddie' comments are repetitive too.

Peter said...

Thank you Apostolate: I think that we are in total agreement.
Top of my list of baddies is Tony Blair for putting the Catholic adoption agencies out of business. We could have fun debating who might be worse.

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