Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pope: Priests, use blogs!

Pope Benedict said in a message prepared for the World Day of Communications, suggests such possibilities as images, videos, animated features, blogs, and Web sites.

"The spread of multimedia communications and its rich 'menu of options' might make us think it sufficient simply to be present on the Web," but priests are "challenged to proclaim the Gospel by employing the latest generation of audiovisual resources," he said.

Benedict said young priests should become familiar with new media while still in seminary, though he stressed that the use of new technologies must reflect theological and spiritual principles.
"Priests present in the world of digital communications should be less notable for their media savvy than for their priestly heart, their closeness to Christ," he said


Independent said...

We all know those who are setting a good example.

gemoftheocean said...

Is the pope an ageist or something? He doesn't think older priests can also use the internet effectively?

Anonymous said...

Weird, I was thinking this during prayer yesterday.
I think more orthodox and gentle priests blogging would be good.
And more family blogs would be good too to bare witness to the Catholic family life.
I would warn though- there is a temptation towards arrogance in some bloggers and in priests this surely puts people off rather than witnessing to them.
God bless what you do Father. I know from my own blogging it can take time you don't have-but it is worth it.

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