Monday, January 04, 2010

Of you charity, pray for Rose

She was depressed, got up in the middle of the night, a few days ago, her husband found her in the kitchen, she had hanged herself. May she find the peace that has been eluding her these past few months.

Pray for her husband and family who are distraught.


Rubricarius said...

How tragic.

Prayers assured.

me said...

Sweet Jesus of the Holy Cross,have mercy. Have Mercy. Have Mercy.

Will pray through the night for her soul Father, and her loved ones. Lord remember we are dust, Amen.

Bryan said...

I hope you meant "elude" and not "illude".

May the Lord have mercy on this lady's soul and grant her the light and glory of Heaven.


I am always struck that the prayer in the Office of the Dead asks for the "indulgentiam quam semper optaverunt" (the indulgence (mercy/forgiveness) they always desired but to which they had no right) for the deceased.

I know of no other example where opto (meaning I desire) is used in the Roman Missal. Doderlien (Latin Synonyms) says that "opto" means to wish and to leave the realisation of one's wishes to others or to fate. Whereas "volo" is to wish and to take steps to achieve one's desire.

A sobering thought for the New Year and a reminder of the need to pray for the Holy Souls, especially for Priests who may not have any families to remember them.

Red Maria said...

Oh L-rd, why do you allow these things to happen?

Poor, poor Rose and poor, poor Rose's family.

I am so very sorry.

Annie said...

Prayers for her and her family.

Fr Ray Blake said...

Of course, I'll offer Mass for both tomorrow

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