Friday, March 12, 2010

Have a look here: Argus Posters

Have a look at the Bones' photo shopping.
I have been thinking about things The Argus, our local American owned paper might want to quote me on:

Priest believes we were made a little less than the Angels
Priest believes God became Man so Man might become God
Priest believes in the power of prayer
Priest believes when Mary prays, Jesus saves
Priest believes The Word became flesh and dwelt amongst us
Priest believes Every sexual act should be open to life
Priest believes Life Begins at Conception
Priest believes we must take up our Cross
Priest believes Catholic Bishops are Successors of the Apostles
Priest believes Jesus Christ is Truly God and Truly Man, without co-mixture
Priest believes Sacrament of Penance Forgives Sins
Priest believes Bread becomes God
Priest believes Everyone should be a Catholic
Priest believes in Heaven and Hell
Priest believes Parents have rights
Priest believes human being have dignity
Priest believes hedonism is evil
Priest believes in 10 Commandments
Priest believes the Virgin Mary was Assumed into Heaven
Priest believes Bread becomes Flesh
Priest believes You should be at Mass
Priest believes You should Fast and do Penance
Priest believes You should Celebrate on Feast Days
Priest believes God Loves You and You should Love God
Priest believes Children deserve a Mother and Father
Priest believes Marriage lasts until Death
Priest believes if we want God's Forgiveness we must Forgive
Priest believes Life begins at Conception
Priest believes Church versus World

Priest believes Argus Journalists should spend at least 5 minutes checking their stories for accuracy!

Argus Journalists believe San Diego is in Brighton!


George said...


Add to that:

Argus journalist (they only have one!) believes that the earth is flat.

Argus journalist claims that TV Soap Celeb ate his hampster.

The world is full of nuts!

Father forgive them - they know not what they do......

God Bless you Fr Ray!

GOR said...

Good one Father and good on you for standing up publicly for Church teaching!

Now perhaps The Argus could gainfully employ you to do some fact-checking or copy-editing for their writers? I’m sure the resulting income would be of benefit to the parish!

nickbris said...

There are lots of things The Evening Argus is good for but they are all unprintable.

As Prince Charles would say It's a Bloody Awful Rag.

JARay said...

I enjoyed it too.
God bless you Fr. Ray (I agree with George)

Patricius said...

...and checking their spelling also...

Laurence England said...

You're good copy, Father. If the Bishops spoke out they might be as well!

Andrew said...

Gemoftheocean will have a field day with this one!!! Thanks, Father, for proclaiming the Gospel in these delicate areas.

Just another mad Catholic said...

To paraphrase blackadder, the argus is without doubt my favorite magazine soft, strong and thoroughly absorbant :)

Anonymous said...

'Crackpot Priest'

Father...what an epitaph!

The best I could hope for is 'Quiet bloke who kept quiet'

Thanks and God bless.


mikesview said...

George - (12/3/10 12:50 PM) - Surely you mean: Father, forgive them for they know not what they print.

gemoftheocean said...

Andrew, are the "little voices" still bothering you, or is it just a mental affliction on your own part. They can't check facts, you put words in people's mouths.

About even I'd say.

Keith Crocker said...

I say Amen and may God Bless you abundently in time and eternity.Patricia C.

universal doctor said...

Priest belives we are all sinners.
Priest believes the Pope should come to Britain.
Priest believes in speaking out for the truth.

Dominic Mary said...

'Priest Believes'

For the Argus, I think that would be quite sensational enough - anything more would be beyond their limited mental equipment, I fear.

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

hahahaha, God bless you for all that you do Father, thank you for standing up for the Truth when so many are too chicken to do so.