Tuesday, March 02, 2010

In the Argus

The Argus wich is our local paper print my little piece on Election Candidates and the poor, the comments will be interesting. See here.
I do encourage all Catholics to join in phone ins, write to newspapers, go to election meetings, use the net to get our voice heard.
It is sad that nationally the election seems to be a competition between the Sottish Bully and the English Toff. There are no big ideas, I think that is the result of moral relativism. Unlike politicians we Catholics do have real concerns about the marginalisation of individuals: the unborn, the elderly, the sick, parents, children, the poor, human rights and duties, it stems from our anthropology, our understanding of what the human person is.
As I said on local radio today the real division in society is between those who believe in objective or absolute morality and those who believe in relative or personal morality.


Physiocrat said...

We need to reincarnate the Distributist party which promoted a programme based on Catholic Social Teaching.

Paulinus said...

Well, you'll get it in the neck from the Militant Gay professional offence-takers.

Well said, padre.

pelerin said...

Father, in case you have not had time to read the Argus comments, full marks to karen gemoftheocean for defending you against some pretty nasty comments there.

shane said...

What shoddy journalism! Quoting from your personal blog - I mean, how lazy can you get?

The Freethinker magazine also assails your piece:


gemoftheocean said...

Thanks Pelerin, either they're "done" with comments or mine happened to be the last one on there for some reason or other.
Quite a few previous posters had gone for the "hoof in mouth" gambit without checking out their "target."

I'm surprised "they" didn't give a proper link to Fr. Blake's website.

tempus putationis said...

Well said, Karen. The Argus seems to have closed the combox after your superb contribution!

The Argus did not, of course, give the reasons WHY Father Blake is criticising political parties(Green Party candidate ignoring an invitation to meet homeless people; Labour candidate ignoring two invitations to visit the base for asylum seekers).

If they had, it would have been impossible to end with this trite sentence:
'But parliamentary hopefuls have claimed that elected representatives act on behalf of whole communities.'

georgem said...

I wonder if the newspaper closed its combox due to an influx of abusive posts. I suppose there'll be shoals of emails to the letters page of the print version.
Great stuff, Gem. I read your robust contrib on the Argus website. Always good to have the last word.

pelerin said...

I bet Fr Ray never imagined his picture would one day appear on an atheist website! I think he is going to have to get out the dark glasses and false beard for a few days!

Peter said...

Father, those who opposed you used insults rather than arguments. Their lack of love came through. Your soup kitchen may be "stupid" but those who use it probably think otherwise.
Perhaps after you have had a few group meeting you could organise a hustings inviting only your regular worshipers and those of other faiths if space permits. Then see which candidates are willing to turn up.
Get a techie to provide a live webcast so that your followers can all watch too. This could be fun.

Crux Fidelis said...

Father, I fear the Argus has used you to promote its own anti-Labour (and, presumably, pro-Tory) agenda. The article mentions only Labour by name yet your blog had a pop at all the parties.

nickbris said...

The "Argus" is a crapulous rag and not to be trusted an inch,it only survives because it is compulsory reading for Job-Seekers.

Catching up with local Deaths can be easily achieved standing up in the Supermarket and that is all it's good for.

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