Monday, March 29, 2010

Numbers & collection up for Palm Sunday

The Physiocrat has some phoptographs of our Palm Sunday Mass. I was very pleased to see numbers were up this year by about 25%, same too with the collection, up by 30%. It is a bit unusual, especially as the clocks went forward, that is normally a time when numbers are down. I can only think that people wanted to show support of the Church and the Holy Father.
You can see the work of stripping the walls of the grey paint in the top picture at the clerestory level. Before the end of the year I hope we will put in a new lighting system and pave the sanctuary, then we will replace the boards in the central aisle with hardwood panels.


P Standforth said...

Father our church was full too yesterday. There are a billion people out there that love their priests, and pray for them.

becket said...

Very nice Father.

Anonymous IV said...

Do you ALWAYS preach without a biretta, Father?!