Thursday, March 25, 2010

Is God Mad?

It is all the fault of of the Annunciation!
Such a bizzare notion of the Most High God to step into time from timelessness, into experience fom impassionate observation, into limited human knowledge from omniscience. To take on the body of a fetus in a womb, when the universe itself cannot contain Him was a folly as great as God Himself. To entrust His plan of Salvation to a woman who might have said, "No" as much as "Yes". To make Himself the subject of nurture within a family; we know what can happen in families, even the best. What did Larkin say about mum and dad?
The absolute absurdity of God throwing himself on the mercy of human nature which by its nature naturally rejects God.
How mad of God to entrust his mission to a Church which contains murderers, the power drunk, half crazed mad men, thieves and liars, gossips, traitors, adulterers and yes, even paedophiles. To place himself in the hands of priests where even the best in an instant can fall from being seeming shining angels of light to corrupt depravity.
Is He mad, or do I have to learn something of how much He risks for love me?


shadowlands said...

No matter what,the gates of hell shall not prevail. He promised. He keeps His promises.

His ultimate plan will be realised, and all this will become a faded memory,as it is for so many others who have gone before us. Our departure day might be today, so keep your bags packed and as a certain African worship song I love, says,"Stay awake and pray. Jesus is coming to set you free!"

Dominic Mary said...

All you say is true, Father : but then it's the very fact that the Church on earth contains All Sorts that makes it certain that it is the Catholic Church that Christ founded, and in which He means us to be saved . . . Matt.XIII, 30.

Terry said...

Well, to love something as ungrateful as human beings so much, you have to be a little mad, no? In a nice, loving way, of course. :)

Paul Mallinder said...

Father, it is a real mystery that you have captured so eloquently. A little poem I wrote that expands on your prayerful thoughts;

You have yourself in my debt,
Because of Your beautiful promise,
You have promised to save me,
How mysterious it is that you owe me!
And yet I have done nothing for You,
for You to be in my debt,
On the contrary, I am totally in your debt.
How can I ever repay You?
I cannot.

Old Believer said...

A brilliant post! Perhaps your best ever Fr. Ray.

The answer, in a sense has to be 'Yes' in that love has a certain madness about it.

Michael Petek said...

'To entrust His plan of Salvation to a woman who might have said, "No" as much as "Yes".'

The Immaculate Conception could say only "Yes".

It's Ian Paisley who says "No".

Fr Ray Blake said...

Michael Petek


Ian Paisley would believe, like other good Calvinists, grace is irresistable.

Basic Catholic principle: God invites us to co-operate with Grace, we can say "yes" or "no": we have freewill.

Anonymous said...

The Immaculate Conception could say only "Yes".

Michael, I'd say rather that ONLY the Immaculate Conception could have granted a whole-hearted and unreserved "Yes". Our Lady could have refused, even as our Lord could have refused at Gethsemane. That's the whole point of the dogma, isn't it?


gemoftheocean said...

Well, as regards "the Word becomming flesh and dwelling among us" Mary was the new Eve who had the grace of herself being conceived without sin - the Immaculate Conception. Unlike Eve she said "yes" to God in all things.

I just accept that God loves all His creation and wants to draw us to Him - He is so loving He does not force His will on us, but we have free will. If no one had free will, then we'd essentially be robots.

God even gave angels free will, because some of them rejected heaven. God wants to keep no one by force. He calls us all, but some choose to reject him.

Anonymous said...

Very good reflections, Father. Thank you.

Like God, we must be a little mad to be proper Catholics. Madness is not always a bad thing :)

RJ said...

Nice meditation, Father.
Thank you.

universal doctor said...

I once heard the same sentiment expressed analogously at a Faith conference in the following words:(If you have a dog)
Q:"Do you love your dog?"
A: "Yes"
Q: "Would you want to become your dog?......"

Thank God indeed for His boundless love and mercy, and thank you father for your reflections.

tubbs said...

Fr. An astounding post! And please repost it next December.
I guess you Brits just have a way with words sometimes.
Your post reminded me of that old English carol (No Rose of such Virtue)--- 'Heaven and Earth in little space'

Athanasius said...

Very beautiful Father, moved me to tears in fact.

georgem said...

A beautiful and poetic post, Father. As I read it, I couldn't help but hear in my mind's ear Stainer's setting of John 3.16:
For God so loved the world, that He gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.