Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New portrait of the Pope

Michael Triegel,  a Leipzig artist has produced a new portrait of the Pope, apparently without a single sitting.
Isn't that clever!


Richard Collins said...

Mmmmm, sorry but I'm not keen on the portrait. It shows the Holy Father (apparently) looking downward and sideways. Not terribly flattering.

Mariana said...

Commissioned and all!

pattif said...

@He has got the eyes to a "T".

Actually, it isn't that unusual for a Papal portrait painter to work without a sitting; apparently, in modern times it has been extremely rare for popes to grant sittings. James Gillick painted an absolutely stunning portrait of Pope John Paul II elevating the host; it only lacks his voice saying the words of consecration.

Ma Tucker said...

Not bad at all I think.

georgem said...

Hmmmmm. Difficult to tell without seeing the portrait itself. Not impressed at this showing. Where's the luminosity, which is surely present in the subject?
The Pope looks like a weary old man who is tired of life, which he ain't.
The painter may look to the Renaissance for his inspiration but layer upon layer of paint doesn't make it so.

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