Friday, December 10, 2010

Petition for Asia Bibi

Please sign the this:-
Petition by Wilson Chowdhry Vice Chairman of the "British Pakistani Christian Association"

Asia Bibi an innocent Christian woman caught up in the injust and unequal society of Pakistan has been given an historical death sentence (by hanging) from the Sheikupura Court of Pakistan. The malevolent Blasphemy Law of Pakistan is a constant threat to people from minority faiths residing in Pakistan.

The BPCA calls for the British Government to urge the president of Pakistan to act by bringing an anullment to this unjust legal decision.

We urge the UK Pakistani Embassy to seek justice for this victim and to urge a repeal of the judicial decision by President Zirdari. We express our complete horror that such a decision has caused turmoil and perplexity to an innocent mother and her family


Richard Collins said...

Have done so, thank you Father.

Adulio said...

Why on earth is our Holy Father insisting that we dialogue with Islam, when its followers do not respect basic human rights? Is he totally unaware of how Europe is being lost to Islamism (accelerated by the decline of the Catholic church since the close of Vatican II)?

How many more Christian must die before the Pope realises the horrible truth.

Michael Petek said...

The pro-Taliban imam of the Mohabat Khan mosque in Peshawar - Maulana Yousuf Qureshi - has offered a reward of 4,500 euros for anyone who kills Asia Bibi.

This foolish man has the audacity blasphemously to invoke the Divine Name in favour of the crime of murder, and in affirmative witness against God's own revelation. He has, surely, automatically attracted a divine curse upon his finances.

georgem said...

Yes, I believe it's more than an average year's wage for anyone who murders Asia, specifically by beheading, if she is released.

Surely a solution can be found by offering to spirit away this lady and her family to asylum. I pray that such negotiations are going on now.

The longer she is held the more vociferous the calls for her death will grow. I'd have hoped that her fellow countrymen would step up and condemn this outrage to justice.

So far there is little evidence of it. Thus it becomes a political battle between the "decadent" West and the fundamentalist indigenous population.

Now we hear of a Christian convert who faces excecution in Iran.

Michael Petek said...

Another thing we hear about is a video on Hamas TV calling on Allah to exterminate the Jews and the Christians and leave none alive.

If they don't stop doing this, they are likely to provoke the Israeli Defence Force to get their kit out again.

Dilly said...

Done and facebooked

Adulio said...

He has, surely, automatically attracted a divine curse upon his finances.

The divine curse is more likely to come from the fact that the imam professes a false religion and resists the inspirations of the Holy Spirit to accept the divinity of Our Lord.

If more Christians are murdered in Pakistan, then they will face even more natural disasters than the previous floods.

Michael Petek said...

I would agree with your point, Auricularis, but only on the basis that he calls God affirmatively to witness against His own revelation.

As far as I can tell, only Islam has this characteristic.

Professing that the Qur'an is co-eternal with God doesn't help either.

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