Friday, December 03, 2010

Our Lady for Sale

Gorringes one of the local auction houses has this rather splendid statue of Our Lady of Lourdes for sale, at over 6ft it is a bit too big for our Church, but maybe some parish priest somewhere...

I hate seeing "holy things" up for sale, there are a few other ecclesiastical bits and bobs in the following lots, I rather fancy those candelabra, lot 52 and 53, they would look splendid between the big six, apart from them being too expensive we have enough candlesticks, really. It is such an eclectic mix, it looks as if they came from a Anglican clergyman's chapel. There is nice painted altar.
In the paintings section there are a few icons, over estimated, I suspect, and some certainly misnamed.


georgem said...

But not too big for the parish hall or the school? Perhaps a grotto in the school playground as many Catholic schools once had. Then there could be lots of lovely little processions on Marian feast days with hymns like Bring Flowers of the Rarest:
"O Mary we crown thee with blossoms today
Queen of the angels and Queen of the May . . ."

As for those candlesticks, hmmmm. I think it may be a blessing that they are out of your price range. Enough foliage, already.

Michael Clifton said...

What a wonderful collection of items not just the religious material. I noted further religious items further down. Were it not for the weather I would be tempted to at least view the material. however rail services are still disrupted and the weather is likely to deteriorate again from Sunday.

pelerin said...

I have just had a look at the results. The statue illustrated of Our Lady of Lourdes went for £1,200, way above estimate. The altar went for £1,100 and the other statue of Our Lady with 'assorted plaster figures' went for £900. (If I remember rightly there were fingers missing etc too)
Lot 52 went for £400 and 53 looks as if it was unsold.

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