Thursday, September 06, 2012

Become a friend of Una Voce International

I received this email

Dear Father,
The FIUV has recently approved the creation of ‘Friends of the International Federation Una Voce’. We hope that individuals of good will across the world will take the opportunity to support the work of FIUV and to keep themselves informed about its activities.  We are inviting them to send us a few contact details: name, e-mail address, Country of residence, and to make an annual donation through the FIUV website.  In return, we will put them on a circulation list for FIUV publications and regular news bulletins and Mass will be offered for them each month, whether living or dead. 
It would be extremely kind if you could let the readers of your excellent blog know about this initiative.  This text might be a useful summary:
Become a ‘Friend of the International Federation Una Voce’.  It’s an easy way to support the work of the Federation for the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite and to keep yourself informed about its activities. You can become a Friend by e-mailing your details to and making an annual donation using the PayPal button on  Please give your name, e-mail address and Country of residence. 
You will be included on the mailing list for publications and regular bulletins but your details will not be shared with others.

Two Masses will be offered in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite each month, one for living and one for deceased 'Friends of the International Federation Una Voce’.


In case you haven’t seen it, I recently gave an interview, as the official spokesman for the Coetus Internationalis pro Summorum Pontificum, about the pilgrimage to Rome in November in support of the Holy Father.  You and the readers of your blog are, of course, especially welcome to come.
God bless,

Thomas Murphy

SecretaryFœderatio Internationalis Una Voce


umblepie said...

Father, Having read this post I decided to add my name to the list of friends and to make small donation.
Unfortunately I cannot connect with the email address given - even after several attempts. My screen come up with an 'error'.
Is it possible that this is a scam of some sort - I notice that the message to you was formatted in an unusual manner?
If all is genuine have you any suggestions how I can contact them?
Thanks.21 butandi

Fr Ray Blake said...

Try "contacts" on the main UVI site

Unknown said...

To Father: Thank you so much for posting about the 'Friends'. I hope it will make a significant contribution in several ways to the cause of the Traditional Liturgy, for example, in helping to raise funds to print our Position Papers, so that we can put them into the hands of decision makers, and also giving us the essential link with the people who love the Traditional Liturgy so that we can put the Position Papers into their hands too.

To umblepie: Sincere apologies for any difficulties you've had. Just goes to show that we all need umblepie. should work or, failing that, should get me directly.

I hope you'll be able to apply soon. We need your friendship.

God bless,


Fœderatio Internationalis Una Voce

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