Saturday, September 15, 2012

Norah Out!

Apparently Ma Popehater can't understand why Clifton diocese's favourite theologian Professor Norah Batty - head of Cleggy studies at the University of Littlehampton - was dropped from the diocesan winter entertainment schedule.

The problem is that too many people who have received copies of the original script and have been comparing it to Norah's interpretation which hasn't gone down too well with Compo, who says, "She just won't learn her lines!"
Foggy complained, "The rest of us are doing Summer Wine and she is doing Dr Who!"
"The trouble is the viewers want it straight and she is method acting all over the place" said a spokesperson. The big question is can the executive, who until recently have been encouraging improvisation and free interpretation, have been forced to look again a policy, many want to keep her in the cast of Cafod (an everyday story of Catholic folk), but even here viewers are urging a change. Yet Ma P's scripts are still on sale at the back of most retail outlets, so a change seems doubtful, at the moment.

Join the Justice for Norah Campaign or start your own Littlehampton One Group


Anonymous said...

Nearly priceless! :-)

john-of-hayling said...

We had a Norah lookalike as cook in my junior school. We always knew when there would be a steamed pudding on the menu as she had no stockings on that day!

Mulier Fortis said...

I choked on my coffee reading this one, Fr. Ray! Many thanks for making me smile...

Anonymous said...

I hope you will join the "Justice for Tina" campaign, Father.

Fr Ray Blake said...

Eccles, who is Tina, what is she?

. said...

Is this posting a good example of the way disagreements within the Church are handled?

I think Ms Beattie is wrong too. But I can't see this apparent satire - if she reads it - helping her to understand why she is mistaken.

And do I detect a side swipe at CAFOD? If so, Fr Ray, would you please tell us what you disagree with?

A lot of trusting, decent people give to CAFOD. They deserve more than sniggers.

Fr Ray Blake said...

I am so sorry if you are offended, Solent Rambler. I think the arguments are put elsewhere.
Swipe at Cafod? A swipe at the fact this lady is a member of CAFOD's Theological Advisory Group, that I think is very worrying, as you say a lot of trusting CATHOLIC people give to Cafod, as one of them, I expect Cafod to be Catholic, don't you?

Anonymous said...

Before we work our misplaced-indignation meters to red-hot level, read "Ridicule and Sarcasm Regarding Sin and Absurdity Sanctioned by God" here:

. said...

Fr Ray

Pleased be assured that I'm not in the slightest bit offended. All is calm.

If I may put what I was attempting to say in another way?

"You win more flies with a spoonful of honey than a barrelful of vinegar." (St Francis de Sales.)

tempus putationis said...

Dear Solent Rambler,
In case you really don't understand that Norah Batty knows full well why she is mistaken: as an Anglican, she obtained a Theology BA and following her 'conversion', a PhD from Bristol University (not known for its adherence to the Magisterium). She worked her way into Catholic circles of influence and became a Professor of Theology at Roehampton. This is a Catholic university college, but Norah had never submitted her intellectual or faith-based 'achievements' to the judgement of the Catholic Church. And those of us who came across her years ago are not terribly surprised to find that she is (still) putting over her own ideas rather than those of the Catholic Church. Catholic doctrine is freely available to all, however. She knows.
As regards CAFOD, well, that's well documented for those who can be bothered to inform themselves.
Distribution of contraceptives, support for homosexual practice ... etc.
A conscience needs to be informed before it can be followed! Loyal Catholics tend to favour ACN.
God bless all.

JARay said...

Well said, "tempus putationis". It is indeed 'time for pruning'.

. said...

Tempus Putationis says "As regards CAFOD, well, that's well documented for those who can be bothered to inform themselves. Distribution of contraceptives, support for homosexual practice ... etc".

Fr Ray, is this right? If so, please tell me where this evidence is so that I can read it for myself.

Fr Ray Blake said...

Solent Rambler, I really do not know if it is right, I would like to see proof.
However it is accusation made over and over again, it is something that concerns many Catholics. Cafod's answers always seem to be somewhat ambiguous, rather like TB's answers about Catholic teaching.
Her liberal -non-Catholic- views as a "theological advisor" would suggest there is a problem with Cafod's theology and therefore its practice.

I an always worried when Cafod joins with Oxfam in a project that Oxfam's contraceptive policies win out.
I am conerned about the money it receives from government and the degree of dependence it has on government.
I have always been concerned about Cafod's leadership's links to the Labour Party, and the continued influence of Julian F and his partner Martin P.

There are lots of questions about it that cause me concern, including the projects it chooses to support or not support.
Perhaps like many Catholic institutions it exists for itself rather than to evangelise, for Christ.

Anonymous said...

I spent a some time surfing through CAFOD's site. I didn't see the J-word once. Rather, it is a lot of democrazombie-speak--the kind you get from guys who get support from the Church and know how to say things minimally to keep from endangering that support.

nickbris said...

Oxfam,Cafod,Amnesty International and possibly most of the big NGO's have been corrupted beyond all recognition and are not even remotely like what they were set up for.

Good people still support them leaving themselves short of enough to even feed themselves properly.

They should all be carefully checked over.Islamic countries have wised up to them and hardly ever let them in freely which accounts for a lot of the enmity between East & West

tempus putationis said...

Dear Solent Rambler,
the evidence re CAFOD is available through Google. Not too tricky. Fr Ray has enough to do.

. said...

Tempus P. I disagree with you for two reasons.

Fr Ray has a responsibility to his readers, particularly with serious allegations like these. He can't just make innuendoes and then walk away pleading other things to do. (In fact he courteously replied to my question.)

You suggest googling. Believing google can easily be on a par with believing everything one believes in a newspaper.

The real challenges are:

how does one check these concerns out to absolutely sure of the truth?

What to do about them if they sadly prove to have substance?

Fr Ray Blake said...

S. Rambler,
I think that all organisation should be as transparent as possible, as far as Cafod is concern, it isn't. So we left in mire of doubt, suspicion and conflicting opinions.
Maybe we need a shareholders meeting to hold the management to account! Certainly there is lots of damaging stuff on the net about Cafod, some should be taken with a large pinch of salt, some should be taken seriously.
The problem is that Cafod rather arrogantly simply remains silent in the face of such criticism.
TB's involvement as a "theological advisor" makes people like me very suspicious of its agenda, I fear it might actually follow her agenda.

Sixupman said...

You may have to add [Catholic] Marriage Care Ltd to your list of 'odd' Catholic outfits. Though having now deleted "Catholic" from the name,it was floated on hard earned Catholic cash and retains the same. [£215K from Clifton Diocese alone.] MCL supports the "Gay" agenda and "Gay Marriage". ++Nichols was [?] President and two clergy remain as Trustee/Directors.

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