Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ohio Nuns on Contraception

A group of Ohio sisters have produced a video on Contraception
The video also tells viewers:
  • Possible side effects of the pill include irritability, depression, blood clots, high blood pressure and migraines.
  • The pill works by preventing fertilization. If that fails, it prevents implantation of a fertilized egg in the uterus.
  • More than half of women getting abortions say they used contraception in the month they became pregnant.
  • The overpopulation problem is a myth, and contraception puts the human race at risk of extinction.
  • Christians of all denominations condemned contraception as sinful until 1930. Martin Luther, John Calvin and Pope John Paul II all opposed the practice.


Anonymous said...

Excellent post and video, imho. Needs and deserves wider dissemination.

johnf said...

When I saw the words American Nuns my heart sank. What are they up to now? - I thought.

But to my surprise I found nuns who I recognise as Nuns. While some of the statements might be a bit sweeping it is an excellent video with a lot of useful information. I will copy it to people in our parish

Sadie Vacantist said...

This video is contradictory and I gave up after five minutes. There are many reasons not to use contraception and it fails to explain them.


1) If contraception renders a females less attractive to males why is promiscuity on the rise?

2) Quoting the Kinsey report scarcely adds to the film's credibility.

gemoftheocean said...

Sadie -- regards point 1-- I expect it depends what sort of female the male in question is trying to attract. If it's a male serious about building a family and a good home life -- a female who did not want children, would probably make him think: bad choice. HOWEVER, if the males in question are just looking for free milk from the cow, then yes, he'd not go for the woman who wanted a family, but the one night stand types, or the 'you're okay until you get pregnant' types. OF whom, the last 50 years has produced legion. Sex has consequences - and some people are in denial. [And we're not talking about rivers in Egypt.]

Amfortas said...

Some good stuff here but some dodgy science too....chemical contraception will turn men into homosexuals.

Anonymous said...

Some good stuff here but some dodgy science too....chemical contraception will turn men into homosexuals.

Indeed. They should jettison the whole pheromone behavioral psych 101 thing. We really shoot ourselves in the foot when we try to slip these by. The other bad science trope is "The AIDS virus is smaller than the pores in a condom!" For the love all that is good, stop saying this. AIDs is transmitted through semen, so if the semen doesn't get through, the virus doesn't either. Instead, make the very valid point that condoms break quite a lot.

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