Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lib Dems in Brighton

The Lib-Dems are here in Brighton, actually in the parish, for their Conference. When the other parties, Labour and Conservatives are here, few come to Mass. The Lib-Dems are actually much better at attending Mass than the other political parties.

The Gospel is about James and John wanting to be Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer.  So apart from a reference to bigotry what should I say?


Anonymous said...

James and John, and their dear mother needed their HEADS BANGING TOGETHER, and Jesus didn't hesitate.

Go for it, Fr. Ray. But preach the Gospel ! According to Mr. Clegg you are already a Bigot!

Frederick Jones said...

"Bigot" in Clegg language means someone who does not agree with him, just as those who do not share his views on sexuality or Islam are regarded as subject to an irrational obsession i.e. a phobia. This Newspeak sounds so much more impressive than merely polite disagreement and has the added advantage of suggesting that dissenters from Clegg's views are irrational.

Hughie said...

“I have heard frequent use,” said the late Lord Sandwich, in a debate on the Test Laws, “of the words ‘orthodoxy’ and ‘heterodoxy;’ but I confess myself at a loss to know precisely what they mean.” “Orthodoxy, my Lord,” said Bishop Walburton, in a whisper,—“orthodoxy is my doxy; heterodoxy is another man’s doxy.” (Priestley: Memoirs, vol. i. p. 572.)

Homodoxy is Clegg's doxy.

1569 Rising said...

Funny story, Father.
Some time in the 80's (cannot be exact), I was a delegate to the Conservative Conference in Brighton. I asked the hotel reception for the nearesty Catholic Church, and was directed to a church pretty near the Conference Centre. I turned up for Mass, and it was half way through before I realised I had been sent to an Anglo-Catholic Church. The Church looked Catholic, although there were rather too many statues, the plain chant singing was excellent, incense everywhere, and the order of service was strict Novus Ordo Roman.

What does one do? Well, I stayed, didn't receive communion, of course, but enjoyed the excellence of the ritual, music and general sense of devotion.

You will, I imagine know where I the church was - it was my one and only visit to Brighton, and quite an experience.

Don't be shocked, Father, please.

Highland Cathedral said...

I take my hat off to any remaining Catholics in the Lib Dems. They must have a very hard time of things unless they like eating Tablet. (Tablet, by the way is a Scottish confection somewhat like fudge.

JARay said...

The only LibDem I know is a lost Catholic. He is also a vegan and insists on organic wine....whatever that is.

johnf said...

Interesting that Clegg continues to send his children to a school run by the 'bigoted' Roman Catholic Church.

Perhaps it is also appropriate to note that a clegg is a dialect word for a large nasty biting insect, which can leave wounds that take months to heal.

Amfortas said...

1569 Rising
It was probably St. Paul's West Street near the Conference Centre.

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