Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Isn't this ghastly!

I was looking for something for the feast of The Most Holy Name of Mary, and I came across this, I think it is the Sistine Choir.
Poor Pope! I bet he would prefer the "music lovers Mass", the one without music.


Richard Collins said...

Ugh! Painful on the ears. The Holy Father has much to suffer.

umblepie said...

Father I would be surprised if this was the Sistine Choir, there are no boys singing here, and the overall quality of singing is poor. The singers do not sing together nor with sympathy for each other, nor for the spirit of the litany - all aggravated by unnecessary use of microphones.

JARay said...


gemoftheocean said...

My mother hated mornings with a purple passion. It was best not to speak with her until she had had her 3rd cup of coffee. One day of the week was different. When I was a very small girl, the 1st Sunday Mass was always without music. 6:30 or so IIRC. That was the Mass she attended. Whether she was awake or not I couldn't vouch for, as dad and I attended Mass at a time which did not require us to get up earlier than roosters. But eventually *every* Sunday Mass more or less came with music -- so mom had to suffer with the rest of us, and had the side benefit of jump starting with some coffee beforehand.

One thing both parents hated was that since the start of Vatican II 'every Mass has to be dragged out to at least an hour.'