Thursday, September 13, 2012

On the list

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I hate those competitions where bloggers have to get people to vote for them in order to get an award to stick up on your side bar, it is all a little vulgar but I was pleased to appear on this list of priest bloggers, along with some friends like Fr Tim Finigan, Fr Simon Henry, Fr Michael Brown and il bloggero ultissimo Fr Z. There are also  a couple of priest's blogs I haven't seen before.

I tend not to trawl the net looking for priest's blogs, if you have some favourites let me know about them in combox.


Richard Collins said...

It was good to see Great Britain so well represented Father. Congratulations to you and your brother priests.

GOR said...

One of my favorites (apart from present company, of course!) is “Reverend Know-It-All” a/k/a: Fr. Richard Simon, PP of St. Lambert’s parish in Skokie, Illinois. Fr. Simon notes that, among other things, he spent over 20 years “…teaching dead languages to comatose seminarians.”

His topics range all over the map – from Islam to the New Translation, Reading the Bible, Contraception, Catholic Funerals, Behavior in Church, etc. etc.

All are dealt with over successive weeks, are steeped in history and delivered with humor. His “History of the Hootenanny Mass” (in 27 installments!) is a classic.

I agree Father about the canvassing for votes to get awards. It just seems “infra dig” to me.

carl said...

Check out Fr Charles' "a minor friar". He's OFM Cap. and is American. He's recently been assigned to Rome so he doesn't update as often as he used to, but that is the most spiritually nourishing blog I've subscribed to.

Mummymayhem said...

Our soon-to-move-on PP has a blog where he posts his sermons. Worth a look, and not bad considering the wasteland that has for so long been our Archdiocese

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