Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ann Widdecombe's Speech

This is a video of Ann Widdecmbe at her feisty in her best speech at the C4M meeting during the Birmingham Conservative Party Conference, speaking about the intolerance Cameron's "Gay Marriage" legislation will bring in.
She examines the implications the legislation will have, I think this is well worth passing on and giving maximum publicity to, pass it on by email if you don't have blog.

Try and get Conservative Party members and voters to answer her charges.


Amfortas said...

What a national treasure she is!

jean said...

What a wonderful speech! Here in New Zealand ALL our political parties are vying to be the first to introduce gay "marriage' into Parliament and hardly anyone argues. Even the Catholic Church is largely silent. Oh for some eloquent voice like this to lead us!

Independent said...

A splendid lady. Read her very eloquent and sensitive novels.

euouae said...

As much of the argument against gay marriage this speech contains the same fatal weakness. Miss Widdecombe seems to imply that, were these obstacles and dangers removed, there would be no objection to the government's legislation.