Monday, October 01, 2012

Dublin Pro-Abortion Rally

Gary the Gargoyle, an experienced counter, has a fascinating meandering post on counting armies and crowds. He is concerned about the numbers at the Dublin Pro-Abortionist Rally, he estimates 850, others have postulated "several thousand", in fact anything from 500 the original Garda estimate to 7,000 according to one activist, the difference is Gary produces the evidence.

What I find interesting too is how the old rag the Irish Times was manipulated.
I am told this is Stonewall technique, well actually when I was a young Commie we used to do that kind of thing.


Paddy said...

Gary's analysis of the actual numbers is illuminating both of the very limited support this 'cause' has & of the lengths they will go to to create the illusion that they have a serious level of popular support. Thanks for the link Father.

nickbris said...

We could do with this sort of analysis on the "Same Sex Marriage" argument.

Communications to MP's from anti's are clogging up the work of our representatives but all the leaders persist in pushing for it.

Fr Seán Coyle said...

Thanks, Father Ray, for calling this march what it was: a pro-abortion - not 'pro-choice'- rally.

nickbris said...

Another thing the Abortion people seem to have overlooked is the fact that every unborn human they murder condemns another human to death.

Who will look after the elderly?

The same activists will be clamouring for Euthanasia of those who cannot look after themselves.

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

The doctrines of secularism which invariably lead to devalualing human life are hailed as if one's life depended on having the right to eliminate another. Not so much live and let die as live and make die. The Church is still the loudest oppossing voice. Benjamin Wiker who wrote 'Architects of the Culture of Death', helps us understand how this 'death on demand' became a hailed principle. As for the oppossing voice - praying in public against the death of innocents is now an arrestable offence in Washington.

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