Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Hollywood's new "big idea"

Biblical mega block-buster movies (in England read "films") are apparently on the way back, according to this Wall Street Journal article. There is obviously money in religion,

I am fascinated by religion  (re-ligere = to bind again) as a binding factor in society. Nowadays as "home viewing" grows and audiences become more and more "niche", Hollywood  is looking for as much as politicians, a "big idea", something that appeals to a world-wide market, religious epics are perhaps the only thing that can possibly fit the bill, especially if it has an appeal to the other "Abrahamic faiths". What else will appeal to someone in Dakkar or Dallas, Helsinki or Hiroshima?
I wonder if what Hollywood accountants seem to have discovered might be something that politicians might begin to grasp.
Thanks to Luke Coppen for bringing this to my attention.

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nickbris said...

The Hollywood Accountants have discovered that Mass Slaughter perpetrated by one group on another sells.

The more blood & gore the better.

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