Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Not All Shall Have Prizes

I was away at the Confraternity of Catholic Clergy UK Colloquium,which was great fun, just short by two or three of 100, almost twice as many as last year but more on that later.
There was a sprinkling people who worked in the some of the Vatican dicasteries, as well Archbishop di Noia. There was an interesting discussion last night, not with the Archbishop, someone said there will be a new consistory announced soon and the interesting thing will be the people not given a red hat!

And today a new consistory was announced and the cardinals-designate are:

  • Archbishop James Harvey, 63, the Milwaukee-born prefect of the Papal Household (who, Benedict said today, he will soon name as archpriest of the Basilica of St Paul's Outside the Walls); 
  • Patriarch Bechara Boutros al-Rai, 72, the Lebanon-based head of the worldwide, 5 million-member Maronite church; 
  • Major Archbishop Basilios Cleemis, 53, head of India's Syro-Malankara church – the first hierarch from the 600,000-member community to receive the red hat (and, by two years, set to become the youngest cardinal); 
  • Archbishop John Onaiyekan of Abuja (Nigeria), 68 
  • Archbishop Ruben Salazar Gomez of Bogotá, 70 
  • Archbishop Luis Antonio Tagle of Manila, 55; head of Asia's largest diocese
And the interesting thing is those not given a red hat.


Fr Ray Blake said...

Matthew, Let's not name names, there are more than one, not on the list.

The Rad Trad said...

A few of the possible American exceptions are just as conspicuous as the one I know passes through your readers' minds, Father.

ServusMariaeN said...

I was rather shocked that the patriarch of Venice Archbishop Moraglia wasn't named. That seems strange. I've been really pinning a lot of hope in this man.

Victor said...

Another interesting thing - without naming a single name - is that there is not a single European, not to speak of Italian, on the list.

The Bones said...

Another interesting thing is that none of those listed live in London.

Frederick Jones said...

Two non-Roman Rite Churches are honoured. Do the Maronites use the very ancient liturgy of Addai and Marai? That indeed can claim to be the Mass of the Ages.

johnh said...

Conspiracy theories abound , but perhaps there were only six vacancies . We can tramp out various names till we are purple , but Pope Benedict will not make up Cardinals just to please us ! Detroit , Venice , the CDF etc etc etc must wait .

johnh said...

The only 'shock' are the names that aren't on the list , but if there are six vacancies...........there are six vacancies !!

Unknown said...

Sometimes one has to accept the the Holy Spirit is working within His Church. J

Fr Ray Blake said...

I think it is said but with the words of Consecration added for the sake of our Western sensibilities, and validity!
It isn't the Maronites though.

Frederick Jones said...

Fr Blake, Has not the Church concluded that the words of Consecration are not required for validity? Fr Robert F Taft SJ who sees his role as defending the decisions of the Pope cites the "Historic Agreement on the Eucharist between the Catholic Church and the Assyrian Churches of the East" Promulgated 26 Oct 2001. It was signed by Pope JP 2 and also Cardinal Ratzinger. But, as you say it is not the Maronites who are concerned.

Fr Ray Blake said...

I this isn't the subject!
I think you can do youtr own research.

Fr Paul said...

The following gives a satisfying account of the reasons for the omissions - though it will probably prove disapointing to sensationalizers:

Fr Ray Blake said...

Fr Paul,
I don't think there is much that is sensational about the appointments but it must be a fact that if the number of Cardinal Electors is to stay at a realistic number and is to reflect the demographic spread of the Church more Cardinals must come from Africa and Asia and therefore less from Italy and Europe.
It would be sensible not to expect a red hat goes with a particular See or even Curial post.
Many suggested that the last Conclave was too large to work effectively.

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