Tuesday, October 02, 2012

From Mary’s Dowry a gentle New Evangelization

Bishop Philip Egan has given an interview to Radio Vatican
listen here 
or for a prece see the good Deacon Nick 


Omphalomancer said...

Dear Fr Blake
Thank you for this. It was inspiring once again to hear the voice of Bishop Egan speaking truth to power as he reaffirmed his all too accurate assessment of the poverty of current civil society. I wondered at the remark of the interviewer when she stated that it was a long time since such categorical statements had been voiced by an English bishop.
The second striking aspect was the appreciation that change comes through the still small voice rather than strident confrontation or silence.
The access of the faithful to the Internet opens the prospect of bypass the insipid, inaccurate and ignorant and receiving the rich, orthodox and insightful opinions of the authentic New Evangelisation.

Peter said...

See also his Civic Mass Homily on the Portsmouth diocese website.
How lucky we are to have such a bishop.

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