Sunday, October 21, 2012

Blog from the Synod

Check out Bishop Campbell of Lancaster's blog from the Synod


umblepie said...

Thanks for this link Father, very informative and very interesting.

Highland Cathedral said...

The Bishop says: Apart from the documents of the Second Vatican Council, the Catechism of the Catholic Church is seen to be fundamental as a fundamental instrument for handing on the Catholic faith.
Dead right but has anybody actually proposed any concrete steps for making sure that that happens in places where that is not already being done? In the schools? In the parishes? We can propose all sorts of wonderful aims but what matters is action. It would be great to hear of lots and lots of schools (not just a few) teaching from the Catechism. It would be great to hear of lots and lots of parishes (not just a few) teaching from the Catechism. The Catechism has been around for twenty years. Now people are saying that we must use it. Let’s now hear how that is going to happen more than it has happened over those twenty years. Until every wee Jimmy and every wee Jeannie gets taught from the Catechism things aren’t going to change much.

Fr. Gabriel Burke C.C. said...

Fr. Ray , I wonder have you heard of the media speculation in Ireland that Bishop Campbell is considered to be in the running for the position of Coadjutor of Armagh?

Fr Ray Blake said...

Fr Gabriel,
No, how interesting!

Sixupman said...


Scroll down to photo of Claughton on Brock. One of possibly a dozen churches in the area split between Lancaster and Salford diocese [ridiculous boundaries]which are located, in cosmopolitan terms, in the back-of-beyond. Locations arising from Recusant times and superb churches - many of Benedictine origin.

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