Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Still having problems with my Tiscali connection



nickbris said...

Aftersales service with everything in this happy country of ours is ABOMINABLE,grasping,grabbing,getting everything for nothing is now the norm.It is no wonder the children are growing up with no respect for anybody or anything.

gemoftheocean said...

Yikes. Why are "they" persecuting you? I think you can take some time off purgatory.

Philip Andrews said...

It's Tiscali... say no more!

Henry said...

I agree. I am still in Sweden. It is different here. Still.

But I wonder how much longer it will stay that way?

I think it is partly because the British will accept bad service and not complain. Or even take it as being "just the way things are", since good service is not something often encountered when things go wrong.

I had a flat repaired recently. Time after time the wrong items were delivered, or arrived damaged. All of which added to the cost, or had to be allowed for in the estimate as the tradesmen take it for granted they will have to be constantly going back to their suppliers to actually get what they ordered.

But it goes back for as long as I can remember. Seaside boarding houses after the war. British cars in the 60s. Dealings with local councils over just about anything. It was not just cheap Oriental labour that put British manufacturers out of business. But it is convenient to blame foreigners.

nickbris said...

Oh dear,against my better judgement and under pressure from the Granddaughters moaning about the speed of my system I have just signed up to Tiscali,at least they answered the phone unlike AOL

gemoftheocean said...

Henry, I suppose that "stiff upper lip" isn't always such a good thing. Around here the squeaky wheel gets the grease, or we take our custom elsewhere.

Do dead fish wrapped in newspaper left on the front doorstep have any connotations in the UK like it does in the US?