Saturday, September 01, 2007

Fr John Zuhlsdorf visiting

Fr John Zuhlsdorf is going to speak at a little study group I am involved in on Monday, 17th September at The Shrine of Our Lady of Consolation at West Grinstead, in Sussex.
If there are any priests who want to come, from anywhere please contact me. He is going to speak on Summorum Pontifice. Space is a bit limited, so it is first come first served!
Fr Z has one of the most interesting blogs on the liturgy on the net, What Does the Prayer Really Say, where he boasts that he gives slavishly accurate translations, he does an awful lot more than that, recently he has produced some fascinating comments on the reaction to the Motu Proprio.
His criticism of the dreadful translation of the English texts of the Mass has made of us aware of the urgent need for more accurate and worthy translations.


Ttony said...


any chance of persuading him to prepare his talk and bring it in soft copy so that you can posts it afterwards?

Lucky priests of A&B!

(Obvious sarky comment not included!)

Benfan said...

Second TTony on that one. He does great work and I love his podcazts. You could'nt winkle details of the Te Deum he proped on his blog 0n 7/7/7 could you?. I've tried so many times to get the recording details to no avail. Anyway, I hope it goes well and you all have a fruitful day.