Monday, September 24, 2007

BBC Poll: Hybrid Embryos

The BBC website currently has a piece on hybrid embryos with a poll. The question is
"Should hybrid embryos be used for research?"which, of course misses the point of whether they should be created in the first place. Nevertheless, worth a few moments to cast your "No" vote. Currently 48.25% yes, 44.57% no and 7.17% don't know. 18232 votes cast so, if my maths are correct, if 700 readers vote "no", we will tip the balance...

Vote here.

Saturno tip: Hemeneutic of Continuity


Dr. Peter H. Wright said...

Have I missed something ?

As the law stands, hybrid embryos are not legal.
Parliament has yet to decide on the matter.
So, what's the HFEA going on about ?

Mancman said...

You will tip the vote and, unless draw attention to this matter in a pro-hybrid forum, you will also be guilty of corruption. Or sorry does God have a cut off line for the seriousness of this sort of thing. If so, where can I find information on it.