Monday, September 24, 2007

And even Judas is forgiven...

Jesus revient parmis les tiens
Uploaded by Ptitlouisb

This is my vision of hell! Drowning in syrup!
from DJ


Dr. Peter H. Wright said...

Mon Dieu !

I'm not listening to any more of that.

Why don't they follow the example Boyce & Stanley, and send an iPod to Pope Benedict for his comment.

Anonymous said...

This is from a very funny French film about two children who are mixed up at birth: one ends up with a poor family, the other is a sort of neo-con rich family. They are borderline traditionalists (just look at the conservative dress) but it seems that they can't get an Old rite Mass. The result: well, it's the video on this blog!

Anonymous said...

Welcone back, Father! Yes, treacle is certainly the word for this and I could not help noticing that the comments were all favourable which was worrying. However, I am relieved to see that it is from a film and not a real priest. Perhaps anonymous could tell us the title of the film?

Anonymous said...

Life Is a Long Quiet River (French: La vie est un long fleuve tranquille) is a French comedy by Étienne Chatiliez of 1988.

In a maternity clinic two children from numerous families but completely different social means are switched. A child from an upper middle class family is switched into a poor family while the child of that family is switched vice versa. Twelve years later, the mistake is discovered and a series of satiric/comic scenes follow.

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