Friday, September 28, 2007

Infected Condoms!

Damian Thomson has a post on the Mozambiquan Archbishop of Maputo, Francisco Chimoio, has told the BBC that he believes some condoms are deliberately infected with Aids. He also thinks that some anti-retroviral drugs have been infected “in order to finish off the African people”.

Damian expresses his disgust "when a few years ago when Cardinal Lopez Trujillo started going round saying that the virus could pass easily through latex condoms he described it as "a piece of pseudoscience that conveniently bolstered Catholic teaching"."

I can understand that both the Archbishop and the Cardinal are anxious to prevent a "condom culture", AIDs and HIV can only really be combatted by changing peoples attitudes to sex and promiscuity.
Neither pseudo-science nor lies serve the Catholic Church, or our message, it just makes the Truth look rediculous and meanwhile women are infected and children die and whole communities are ravaged. Untruths about condoms destroys the message of Christianity, which must always be about the Truth, Jesus Christ.

Good can never come from an evil act!


gemoftheocean said...

Back in the 80s a lot of people who should know better were suckered by a concerted Soviet Communist propaganda campaign that said AIDS was a virus invented by US warfare. This lie is still being spread in different permutations.

Benfan said...

If he makes these claims he should be asked to present the evidence for them, otherwise apologise and mend his ways. There have been cases of public exposure to toxic material for experimental purposes. There is a strong lobby for population control dressed up as human rights. The quality of condoms distributed to third world countries have been questioned. While I think this statement is outrageous, the best thing to do is get him to present his evidence.

nickbris said...

Just more Secularist Propoganda,the greedmongers will stop at nothing.If they can make religious belief look ridiculous they will win,we have to be on our guard at all times.

Anonymous said...

This comment was on Holy Smoke:

However (despite idiots like the Archbishop) the Church's teaching on condoms is not a significant factor in the spread of HIV in Africa.

The Catholic countries in west central Africa have very low HIV rates (only north African Muslim countries have lower), while the countries in southern Africa with the horrific rates are all (with the exception of Lesotho)
Protestant countries. Some stats if you doubt this ...

There are actually only five "Catholic countries" in Africa (i.e. countries in which 50% or more are Catholic). Here are the HIV levels for these 5 countries ...

Equatorial Guinea - 94 % Catholic - 3 % adults with HIV
Burundi - 65 % Catholic - 3 % adults with HIV
Lesotho - 54 % Catholic - 23 % adults with HIV
Congo - 50 % Catholic - 5 % adults with HIV
Angola - 50 % Catholic - 4 % adults with HIV

And here are the countries with the highest HIV levels ...

Swaziland - 33 % adults with HIV - 6 % Catholic
Botswana - 24 % adults with HIV - 5 % Catholic
Lesotho - 23 % adults with HIV - 54 % Catholic
Zimbabwe - 20 % adults with HIV - 9 % Catholic
Namibia - 20 % adults with HIV - 17% Catholic
South Africa - 19 % adults with HIV - 6% Catholic

The fact that Lesotho (the only Catholic country in southern Africa) has a high HIV level like its Protestant neighbours shows that it is geography - and not religious affiliation or Church teaching - that is the determining factor.

Source of HIV data:

Source of % Catholics:

Henry said...

On the safety of condoms - who, using a condom, would have sex with someone they knew to be definitely infected?

I suspect the answer is "very few", which would indicate people's confidence in them as a protective measure.