Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Pilgrims at the Tomb of Peter. As in Ancient Rome

Ten meters beneath the Vatican basilica, it is possible to walk the same path that led to the tomb of the apostle, among rows of Roman tombs that have emerged, intact, from the excavations. The latest restoration was presented just a few days ago. A marvel of art, history, faith.

Sandro Magister has a fascinating article on the excavations. Constantine buried a pagan necropolis in order to level the approach to the Apostles tomb, Pius XII sent in the archaeologists.


V said...

It makes total sense to me that St. Peter would have been buried in a place near his suffering. The land would have probably been owned by other Christians, underground at that time. His tomb symbolises victory and triumph. It is awe-inspiring that this man's body or relics are held 1,850 years or so after the event, and that the faithful can go there to venerate him.

Ttony said...

It was a visit to the Necropolis that made the whole thing simply believable for me. Where would they bury St Peter? In a cemetery.