Saturday, June 28, 2008

Priests and Cats: cautionary tails

There seem to be cats everywhere on Catholic blogs:

Two cat stories for you:

I was called to a house where the Satanist Alistair Crowley used to be a frequent visitor, the owner had stripped away some wallpaper and found some pornographic and satanic graffiti and painting, she had begun to experience strange things, sudden draughts, things disappearing only to be found later. After saying the Rosary, amid the marananja haze I proceeded to sprinkle the house liberally with Holy Water. The owner was quite disinterested, she was a non-Catholic, non-Catholics seem to have theses experiences, until I went into the last bedroom, there was a shriek and something small and black darted from the shadows and through the cat flap. Seconds later there was a squeal of brakes, but alas the pet Siamese was no more.

After replacing the plaster the "occurrences" were no more.

A predecessor of mine was a large man, he used to tell the story of a visit he paid to an elderly lady, he tended to flop into chairs. He sat down, she went off to make some tea. He thought the chair was a bit lumpy, he felt underneath him and discovered he had sat on the cat. It was dead! He stuffed it into his pocket and put the corpse into a neighbours dustbin down the street.

On the next visit he said, "Mary I hear your dear sweet little pussycat has gone missing".

"Yes Father, and do you know, his little broke body was found down the street, some lout had obviously jumped up and down on him and broke every bone, a cruel blackguard he must have been, shall we say a decade for him, Father?"
"Of course, Mary, he must be a terrible wicked man".

Two hours later he was back and pulled out of his pocket a kitten.


On the side of the angels said...

thought you might like this Father, having an affinity with all manner of strings and things Slavonic - incredible to believe a symphonic piece can be played by the scherzo quartet !!!!

On the side of the angels said...

Fr Ray Blake said...


Anonymous said...

The cat in the photo's a dead ringer for my Molly!

Terry Nelson said...

Ooooooooo! I like the first story!

gemoftheocean said...

:-D The feline population and I have never particularly clicked. (If I had wanted that sort of relationship, I'd have gotten married! ;-D)

However, there is one friend of mine who has a cat who has adopted *me* of two cats in my life where we've mutually taken a shine to each other.

Very disturbing story, #1. I hope she converted! [Isn't it interesting when people really think there's something going on with Satanic stuff they consult a *Catholic* priest? Like they know when it gets down to brass tacks the Catholics are really your "go to" guys? [In the true life story the movie the Exorcist was based on, the affected family were Lutherans.]

It was good in story #2 the priest came back with a kitten. I hope the woman never thought to question how he knew!

Mulier Fortis said...

There seem to be cats everywhere on Catholic blogs

That's because cats rule. They also rock!

(Sylvester sends his love!)

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