Monday, December 07, 2009

Lesbian Bishops

In the Lesbian bishop stakes Swedish Lutherans beat US Anglicans by just a few days. As far as Anglicans worldwide are concerned, according to the Porvoo agreement Lutheran bishop/briest = Anglican bishop/priest, they are interchangable.
From what I can see there was no comment from the Dr Williams on the action of his Lutheran ecumenical bedfellows, certainly nothing compared to his Rome lecture. His reaction to the ECUSA decision was a thunderous, "This has serious implication", which I bet that has made them think twice.

For me it just underlines the problem with labelling clergy. Celibacy means priests are simply priests, maybe with their own particular quirks but they are ultimately priests. I feel for these poor women forever labelled "... the lesbian Bishop". Lesbian, or in the case of Gene Robinson "Gay", seems to outweigh any other adjective, even Christian. I have to admit I am with St Paul, I believe these issues should not really "even be spoken of amongst you". It is the pushing of sexuality that concerns me, I have few problems with deep even passionate friendships between people but the Lesbian and Gay definition indicates sexuality is actually the most important thing, more important than dedication to Christ.

In an age where people define themselves by their sexuality, we need a few saints who were known for their chastity and for the depth of their friendships, Newman would be an obvious example.


Dilly said...

As Corrie fans will know, there is currently a plotline involving a fancy dress "Vicars and Lizzes" party. Liz is a super-annuated barmaid much given to skin-tight leather mini-skirts, and leopardskin accessories. Sadly neither of the ladies shown would gain admission under either categories. Especially the one om the left who is the last recorded woman in history to think she could get away with a "Lady Di" haircut.

Crux Fidelis said...

Of course, Tatchell and the Outrage mob would have us believe that Newman was homosexual. For them there can be no same sex friendship without sex.

Someone should at least show that "bishop" on the right of the picture how to wear a mitre properly.

Michael Petek said...

There seems to be a strong correlation here. Those who accept that women can be ordained to the ministerial priesthood seem to show a high incidence of unorthodoxy in sexual morality and in fundamental Christology.

Physiocrat said...

Quite a jolly bunch, aren't they? This sort of thing has been going on for years and is helping the Catholic Church in Sweden to grow - it is probably the fastest growing Catholic Church in Western Europe and that is not just because of immigration. The Lutherans have been forced to think about key issues of their faith and come to the right conclusion.

It is painful for them but Catholics should not complain since it makes things clearer, especially on matters such as authority.

Hopefully soon Stockholm will become an Archdiocese and one day its incumbent a Cardinal.

pelerin said...

My initial reaction seeing the title was 'Good Heavens the one in the middle looks just like a man'. I then presumed it was a male bishop who presumably ordained the two ladies.

Oh dear! those vestments are simply dreadful - I wonder what they wear when in mufti? The photo is ideal for a blog I only recently discovered featuring bad vestments - I think it is called simply 'Bad Vestments' and you don't want to be drinking coffee over your computer when you look at it!

epsilon said...

Very beautifully and charitably written, Father!

BTW have you checked out the Vatican MySpace playlist and the buzz created in e-circles, millions of young people who have accessed his MySpace playlist since it was set up less than a week ago are awestruck by Pope Benedict's appreciation of Tupac's lyrics.

This Pope is the greatest ever - everything he does, no matter how many feathers he ruffles, is done fearlessly and eventually always achieves maximum effect - may he live a long and healthy life and continue God's work on earth!

Richard said...

I'm puzzled; are all three people inthe picture "lesbians"?

me said...

Weird, in a word.

gemoftheocean said...

Agree re: the labels adding the overriding and ultimate label to a person. It's like it's the most important thing about them.

I remember, how in my senior year in college, some 30 years ago one of the guys (18 years old and naive as all get out) in our residence dorn was completely non-plussed when a new roomate of his (he was in a "triple" room, and there had been only two of them) walked in and the FIRST thing out of his mouth was "hi, I'm X and I'm gay."

We sympathetic girls down the hall said "well, Rod, will get you some barbed wire for your bunk." It turned out the guy was unassuming, and almost never there anyway. But it did make him break out into a cold sweat.

On the plus side, Father, they could probably caulk your windows for you.

nickbris said...

More ammo for the Mullahs & Ayatollahs.

It can only be the work of a highly successful group of activists out to destroy Christianity.

Elizabeth said...

How true Father, why do these women define themselves by their sexuality. Surely as bishops they should not even be mentioning their sexuality. It has no relevance to their flock. It is their closeness to God that their flock need to hear about, not what they do in the dark of the night.

gemoftheocean said...

What I don't get, Nick, is why the mullahs et al want to come to the UK. It can't be the attractions of the weather. They think everyone in the west is decadent. So it can't be the culture. They've already made their own countries what is their attraction to the West.

Perhaps one of those imponderables like "Why do dogs bay at the moon?" or "why is ear wax orange?"

gemoftheocean said...

Richard, yes, the one in the middle is also a lesbian, but in this case a lebian woman trapped in a man's body.

Be kind!

sedevacantist priest said...



Fr. Roberto

Physiocrat said...

The Lesbian bishop appears to be His Eminence Metropolitan Iakovos III of Mytiline. I don't know what he would think if he knew these three Swedish ladies were claiming the title.

Francis said...

Fr. Ray,

"In an age where people define themselves by their sexuality, we need a few saints who were known for their chastity and for the depth of their friendships, Newman would be an obvious example."

I fully agree. Secular society can only conceive of people as being gay or straight, and having a sexual partner or not having one. Thank God for the celibate priesthood and celibate religious orders of the Catholic Church for showing that God does not see us in this way.

Victoria said...

The Lesbian bishop appears to be His Eminence Metropolitan Iakovos III of Mytiline.

Good one, Physiocrat. lol

Just as we feel that people should not be defined by their sexuality so should people commentating should not define people by their age and physical appearance unless it is germane to the topic. Inevitably it is women who are so labelled. Such comments undermine the argument being presented IMHO.

Lavinia Tai said...

In an age where people define themselves by their sexuality, we need a few saints who were known for their chastity. I agree with you, Father. In actual fact, we need many, many more saints who were known for their chastity. In this morally decading world chastity has almost become obsolete. It is a priceless rarity. That's why I say that the celibate priesthood of the Catholic Church is the greatest and most honorable vocation in this world. Our celibate priests have become a rare treasure. I thank God from the depth of my heart for our celibate priests. Although I myself would very much like to be a priest if I could qualify for it, (if I were a man) I still disagree with the idea of having women priests in the Catholic Church. We certainly DO NOT want lesbian / gay priests or married priests who are only concerned with how to make more money for their family. And of course we DO NOT want a married pope who does his best to ensure that only his son would succeed him.

Fr Ray Blake said...

Serving Blogger,
I know of no-one in the situation you describe except for one man, whose ordination I opposed, who is now a military chaplain.

George said...


Yikes! But just one or two observations - isn't it invariably 'THEY' who always define themselves by their sexuality - you know the typical in your face Gay Parades, the 'Gay and Proud' or 'Proud and Gay', or 'young gifted and Gay' slogan thing that is always pushed forward at every opportunity by people suffering from Same Sex Attraction Disorder.

The bottom line is - the likes of these protestant 'clericalised people' just don't get it. Homosex acts are grievously sinful and here they are pushing themselves forward as bishops and whatever. This is just so totally wrong and against God's Law and the Natural Order of Creation.

When they finally understand what humility means and that Jesus calls us to follow Him and become more like Him - ie change our sinful ways, then they will realise that Christianity is actually all about God and not all about 'me, myself, what I want and my sexuality!'

That same message should resound most deeply with any Christian living in adulterous relationships and living a promiscuous lifestyle.

And no excuses - we must conform ourselves to God and not try to configure God to fit in with our personal lifestyles, wants and desires.

As Jesus calls us to take the challenge and change, so the devil drags us back down with his 24/7 assault on our senses. Looking around it does make you wonder who appears on the surface of it to have the upper hand.

John Martyn said...

I have long conjectured that many US Episcopalians are liberal on homosexuality because the Episcopal Church has welcomed homosexuals who have not felt welcome in the Roman Catholic Church or the Evangelical Churches. The interview with the Bishop elect, Canon Mary Glasspool, in Thursday's "Times"is consistent with this, where she said that the liberal approach of the Episcopal Church had been a lifeline for many, and made other remarks to the same effect.

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