Saturday, December 19, 2009

We have waited long enough

America Magazine organised a petition trying to delay the introduction of the new English translations of the Missal under the heading, "What if we just said wait?" I am not sure what they want to wait for: the death of the Holy Father, or the end of the world?
As a response, there is another petition saying, "We have waited lomg enough!" Do sign it!

p.s. Ignore the request for a donation, it isn't necessary!!!


pelerin said...

Already signed a few days ago!

Jane said...

Ditto! But thanks for posting about it Father. The more major blogs that carry it, the better.

Pastor in Valle said...

Father, I willingly signed this petition, but was shocked to be stung with a fee!

Fr Ray Blake said...

P in V
I hope you didn't pay anything, I'll amend the post.

Physiocrat said...

I can understand there are reservations about the new translation. If the old translation is banal, the new sounds artificially archaic - contrived, even. Why not just go over to Latin?