Thursday, December 17, 2009

What to buy your Parish Priest for Christmas

What to buy your Parish Priest for Christmas? How about a scaffolding tower? There are actually three of four packs of it behind me. It is wonderful, light weight, easily assembled 5 meters high, wheels, everything. I ordered it last week so we can more easily carry out repairs, at least at a low level. Our main concern at the moment is getting the ghastly grey paint off our walls to stop the stone corroding.

I was a bit anxious about paying for it, money is a bit tight with our repair schedule. After signing for it I went and did the post and in the wonders of Divine Providence there was a cheque in a Christmas card from blog reader for £1,000, enough to pay for it, there was no address, so thank you Mrs O'Brien, it was very kind of you. Thank you to everyone else who has helped us too.

Now what else to do with a scaffolding tower? It does actually form a very useful platform, as work has stopped until Epiphany, I think we might use it for the base of the crib. I am just wondering how easily it will be to manouevre on its wheels, just we haven't had an out door procession for ages, I am thinking of those Spanish Holy Week floats. We shalll see.


gemoftheocean said...

Those nice people in Pasadena put together great floats. :-D No worries Father, God and your readers will provide!

Unknown said...

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