Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Sacred Made Real

I went to the The Sacred Made Real Exhibition at the National Gallery, I know people have raving about it, very beautiful polychrome sculpture, including a wonderful Magdalen which I saw years ago in Vallodolid, and some paintings by Velázquez and de Zurbarán including an amazing picture of St Serapion.
If you haven't been, go, there are only six rooms but it is well worth a trip up to town.

You might like to see this video on how these amazing sculptures were or are produced, which I have posted before.


gemoftheocean said...

FAscinating video. good find. It reminds me a little (forgive me!) of Computer Aided Robotics machining we did back in the 80s to create F16 parts. And the technique for creating the gold layer reminded me of the technique for making pysanky.

Patricius said...

Thanks very much for the video. I saw this wonderful eye-opening exhibition and was so sold on it that I bought the catalogue and the National Gallery DVD. Your video nicely complements the short practical piece on the DVD.

Unknown said...

Following your advice, I sent (on-line) for the book and DVD. Both marvellous but nearly rendered me penniless. Frequently I find similar illustrated catalogues and DVDs better than the actual exhibitions they complement, especially if the exhibition is likely to be crowded with people. (I think of the Seeing Salvation exhibition a few years ago and the recent Baroque one at the V&A.) So, do I go to see it after Christmas (the church up the road from you is organising a party to go) or do I enjoy the whole thing from the comfort of my armchair, relaxed by liquid from either Mr Booth or Mr Gordon?

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