Thursday, January 07, 2010

Just to annoy a passing liberal

Just to annoy a passing liberal.

I hope I am going to Rome on Saturday. I'll be staying in the Casa de Clero in the Via della Scrofa, just in case anyone wants to leave a visiting card.

Does anyone know where I might be able find a set of albs for High Mass, preferrably vintage and cheapish? I haven't been able to find anything in the shops immediately around the Pantheon in the past.

Again just to annoy a passing liberal.

With all this snow I must get a snow length cassock made.

If I can think of anything else to annoy the passing liberal, I'll add it later.


AnonAnon said...

"Does anyone know where I might be able find a set of albs for High Mass, preferrably vintage and cheapish? I haven't been able to find anything in the shops immediately around the Pantheon in the past."

A friend of mine gave me this information a few weeks ago about vestments:
"There is an excellent little shop on the Via del Gesu from which I always buy. I think it's called Arte Sacra Romana. I've just bought a white set for €350. I think that's rather cheap, when you can spend five times that around the corner in Barbaconi, Gammarelli or De Ritis - all now display Roman Chasubles in the windows."

I haven't been to the shop so I cannot verify this information but if you are near the Via del Gesu you might look out for it. Perhaps it has a website?

Mulier Fortis said...

If you really want to annoy a passing liberal, get a greca (or have you got one already?)

Norah said...

As well as a snow length cassock (soutane) you might also get a snow length coat - see Fr Tim's blog.

John F H H said...

There are usually albs on e-bay, especially from France. It is worth going to each country's e-bay site [accessile from e-bay uk's home page..scroll down], as things are not always listed internationally.
Besides France, Belgium,Spain,Italy, Germany, Austria and Netherlands worth checking out.
You'll beed a dictionary to translate alb into appropriate language.
John U.K.

Zephyrinus said...

Bringing back a Sedia Gestatoria, for use around Brighton, would drive any passing liberal apoplectic.

Fr Ray Blake said...

Greca: Pope John XXIII forbade priests wandering the streets without one!
I have one but it is not lined with cruel fur (just to annoy the liberals)!

Fr. Z said...

Some suggestions:

1) Have a meal Da Fortunato near the Pantheon, one of Fr. Z's favorite places, and write about it.

2) Get a reversible purple/white stole used for baptisms with the pre-Conciliar Rituale Romanum, and write about it.

3) Talk about getting a cappa, cloak, for use at graveside, and write about it.

4) Consider whether you should get a new "tricorno", as the Romans call it, and if it should be "filettato", and if you should remove or retain the tuft, and write about it.

5) Have a good time, and write about it.

Terry Nelson said...

You look good!

me said...

Pray for the liberals, and write about it.

In fact, write a prayer for all to say, especially for Liberals.

Have a great time away.

God bless.

Catholic Student said...

I must say, Father. It fills me with great joy and hope for my self that there are priests like you, Fr Tim and Fr Z.

As a young Catholic in what some are calling the "dead see" of Cardiff it is hard at times to find the inspiration one needs.

I thank God for priests like yourself who are loyal to Holy Mother Church, to the Successor of St Peter and ultimately the Lord!

God Bless, and have a safe journey!

Simon Platt said...

"Snow length"

Is that longer - for warmth - or shorter - to keep it out of the drifts?

gemoftheocean said...

L0L! Father, dahlink, you look MAH-VEL-LOUS!!!

Seriously, why the BBC doesn't write a Father Brown series JUST FOR YOU, I don't know. What you could command in fees would retire your parish debt in a flash, and you'll be the one sitting around with 3/4 of a million pounds -- on second thought, you'd use it to build a homeless shelter, you relentless practising papist, you!!!

Some people don't know a good thing when they see it!

Passingbrightonliberalcatholic said...

I have a Greca.

Pablo the Mexican said...

If you allow, I would send a 'Roomey Toomey' Cassock W/sash to you. One for summer, another for winter use. Toomey is taking about eight weeks to manufacture and deliver one. If you need one quickly, I can have one made for you in India, where the Traditional Priests in India have theirs made, sweatshop free.

There is a New York City store that sells antique religious items to Priests only, and

sells religious antiques and accepts U.K. currency.


universal doctor said...

I must take issue with FR Z's suggestion for supper. I have eaten at Da Fortunato's on many occasions (so why complain?). I have thought the food good, though not always consistently. However, as a young woman, travelling alone and eating alone, I found the service contemptuous. If I hadn't ordered wine with supper I doubt they would have bothered to serve at all.
Go for the Osteria del Sostegno, a minute's walk away. I won't reveal the precise location since it still remains secretly Roman, and the service and attention are impeccable (and you can sit outside).

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