Saturday, June 12, 2010

Eating the Liturgy

I like the idea of food marking liturgical seasons, feasting and fasting is very much part of the authentic Judeo-Christian Tradition, of embuing our domestic lives with the liturgy of the Church. I've just been sent this link to Catholic Cuisine, a kitchen blog produced by a group of Homeschooling Moms (Mums). It seems such an excellent idea to unite altar and dining table.


epsilon said...

Are we going to have a competition for the best edible Newman Coat of Arms:) I did think of making a nice felt and/or silk one to wave somewhere in England in September but the possibilities are endless!

Something the cathecists might get their teeth into? :)

Dominic Mary said...

I assume that the photo was of a delicacy intended to celebrate the Sacred Heart ? ;-)