Monday, June 14, 2010

Newman Beatification

A Rome Report video on Newman's Beatification.


Adulio said...

It's so strange seeing Valero speaking for the Newman cause. Not that there is anything wrong with him but it's as if he has his fingers into every pie!

And again the obsession to equate Newman as a "father of Vatican II" does get nauseating. There is so much more to Newman that some writings which may or may not be pre-empting the Second Vatican Council.

My two cents as the Americans would say...

Basil said...

Why is Newman as the "father of Vatican II" nauseating?

Adulio said...

Because there is much more to being a Catholic than hyping on about one council of the church - it implies that the rest of the twenty ecumenical councils are of no consequence.

I daresay if Newman saw the state of the church after the council, whether he would appreciate being called a "father of Vatican II" just as he would appreciate those who hijack his theory of the development of Christian doctrine.

Jack Willis said...

Who is this Jack Valero? He sounds like the Bishops' confernce equivalent to Navarro-Walls, also a member of Opus Dei. I gather he is even spokesman for the Birmingham Oratory - but has been reticent on what has happened there.

Basil said...

I think Newman had a profound understanding of the role of the laity and their call to holiness. This was an important element of Vatican II.

georgem said...

I agree with your last comment, Basil. However, I'm not sure that Newman meant the "spirit of" Vatican II.

That is a construct of entirely different minds.

I think we have to be careful about applying to figures of an earlier time our modern take on their thought processes.

I fear there is a danger of Newman being reduced to a rather one-dimensional man to serve a purpose, in which case he has no business being called a saint.

But his imminent sainthood (to be) conferred by his devotee the Pope implies, as Hestor says, that there is so much more to Newman.

I wonder what he would make, for instance, of this statement in the official booklet issued for the Pope's visit:

"The UK has worked closely with the Holy See to develop new ways to finance international
development. The International Finance Facility - IFF -
is a novel way to use the capital markets to front load
development spending."

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