Monday, June 28, 2010

Good Manners

Many thanks to Gloria TV for this reference, I am not sure I should be mentioned before the Pope but I am grateful for the hat-tip. Could someone from Gloria tell me how to download their videos.
I know I shouldn't but I get a bit miffed when other bloggers quote things from here, or other sources and don't put in a reference. I know I should get over it and it is not important but it is good manners.


Left-Footer said...

I may have been guilty, and if so, my sincere apologies.

It is difficult, when linking blogs to Twitter, to find space for enough information to attract people to follow back to the original, and sometimes there is a hard choice between the name of the blog, and an indication of its content.

Again, sorry.

Clare@ BattlementsOfRubies said...

Fr Ray
If you want to download the video there is a button just unerneath the screen. If you want to embed it there is a box just underneath and to the right of the screen with the embedding code.

McKenna's Here said...

Just benaeath the image and to the right is a button that says details, if you click on that you get the embed code. Hope that is a help

Terry said...

Fr Ray, go here and download for free Real Player

Once you have installed it, you just have to move your mouse over the Gloria TV clip and you will see a command box appear asking if you want to download that clip. Click yes and there you have it.

Hope that helps.

Fr Tim Finigan said...

On, under the video, in the right hand column, there is an "embed" box. You can select the text in there and paste it into a blog post just as with YouTube videos.

You may need to click on "Details" to adjust the width to fit your blog. (If you change the width, you have to change the height as well, to keep it in proportion.)

Terry Nelson said...

I often quote from you, and I link as well. Thanks much for your good blog.

Fr Ray Blake said...

I am not too neurotic about not getting a h/t, twitter is difficult. I love being quoted don't stop.

I get to the embed bit but it always comes up as a fault and won't publish.
The problem is a Fr F says about proportionality.

lizard said...

Father, it may fail because of wrong (too big) default size.

You could adjust it by pressing "DETAILS" on the right of the clip and then selecting a smaller WIDTH, e.g. 400.

Robert said...

Great to see you Gloria TV Father.
Here is another nice video from Gloria TV. A beautiful Mass.

Edward P. Walton said...

It seems the Vatican is ignoring Jason Berry's two part report in the NCR.Cardinal Schoenborn seemed to be carrying heavy baggage for a Papal contender, the last time around.Now,the name of his Viennese predecessor is once again in the news.

Cardinal Schoenborn's connection with Medjugorie seems puzzling as the Cardinal doesn't seem to be an overly pious prelate.