Monday, April 30, 2007

BBC Unfriendly

In conversation with some priests today, someone asked if anyone saw the Mass from San Fransisco. Of course no one did, we were all busy. The truth was it was not Mass, and it was not on the tele but the radio, and according to one of my parishioners who heard it, it was more sad than gay.

One of our number suggested the BBC ought to look after other Catholic minorities. So why not an Old Rite Mass?
"Low Mass? On Radio?" said one priest who celebrates it often, "It will be; Boing! tatata... mutter, mutter mutter... MUTTER, MUTTER, MUTTER, muttermuttermuttter... ting, ting, ting, muttermutter ting, ting, ting mutter muttermuttermutttermuttermutter muttter muttermuttermuttter.... etc.

I am sure this will offend, not my intention but somethings just aren't BBC radio friendly! Which is good.
Commiserations if you waited for news on this feast of S. Pio, well there is still May 5th!


Mulier Fortis said...

Your description of an Old Rite Mass on the radio had me in pieces (it didn't offend at all)... but even so, perhaps it might be an improvement on some of the programmes they have already!! After all, we need to have times of silence in our hectic lives!!

Physiocrat said...

I recall a broadcast of an Old Rite sung mass in the early 1960s. There was an excellent commentary about what was happening during the silent parts of the mass and it gave the narrator an opportunity to explain the theology of the Real Presence to a wide public.

It would be no more difficult to broadcast and Old Rite mass than to broadcast a cricket match.

Anonymous said...

A couple of years ago Sunday Worship came from Pluscarden Abbey: mucho Gregorian Chant, mucho edification.

I never catch Choral Evensong at its new time slot, but from time to time it used be Choral Vespers & Benediction from the London Oratory. What non-Catholic listeners made of the chink-chink-chink-silence-chink-chink-chink-silence-chink-chink-chink at the moment of Benediction I don't know, but it made great radio!

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