Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Even more lute pictures

More lute pictures
Previous pictures
Here is James my luthier playing a little Weiss.


gemoftheocean said...

Aw, heck. Upload a little sound clip of you playing it so we can hear what it sounds like!

Michael Petek said...

I understand that the lute was quite popular with the Vikings.

My history book says that the Vikings went around burning, pillaging and luting.

gemoftheocean said...

Ah....so the lute, then, is for hippies who've gone sub rosa. ;-D Your secret is safe.

[I bet when everyone goes home you play "Stairway to heaven."]

John Paul said...

I think Bach's lute suites are sensational. As a guitarist I've often heard them transposed, but never heard them orginally played. Have you ever come across them Father.

Moretben said...

It's gorgeous, Father. I hope to hear it too, eventually. I'll bring my sackbut, my Pinnock boxed set and cold capon or two.

(BTW can you identify the piece that introduces Fr Hopko's podcasts on Ancient Faith Radio?)

Anonymous said...

Instead of guitar masses. you can have lute masses. Much more traditional. :o)