Thursday, August 03, 2006

Patron of Parish Priests

If you think your parish priest is a dreadful sinner, full of worldly pride and continually betrays the sacred mysteries entrusted to him, then say a prayer to St Jean Vianney the saintly parish priest of Ars and the only parish priest to be canonised.

Holy Cure of Ars, I pray for Father N my parish priest. Intercede with God and his Holy Mother for him. He has received so many graces and yet responded to so few of them, he has been entrusted with such great a responsibilities for souls yet serves them so badly. I pray one thing, and ask you to join me in that prayer; that on the last day he might be saved from damnation, and through the pains of purgatory he might at last be giving the least place in Heaven and sit at the feet of those members of his flock who enjoy the vision of God's Glory. Amen.