Monday, April 18, 2011

The Bishop's Blog

I have just had a email from Bishop Michael Campbell's secretary to tell me about The Bishop's Blog. He is I think the first English bishop to blog.
Well done to the Bishop of Lancaster.


James said...

"Wot, no Comments?"

Is it really a Blog without the opportunity to make observations?


Philip said...

Please do a charitable work and help Father Michael (Fr.Mildew Blog).
He writes:

"THE BACKGROUND COLOUR FOR THIS BLOG> One reader finds it difficult to read and wants me to change the background. Two problems, first I do not know how to do this and secondly I cant see where the problem is. I use a light green background and Verdana print in a fairly large format. I find it easier to read than most blogs...but I would say that. Anyway, what format might be better and how do you achieve it" ?

Lots of "silver surfers" are conservative Catholics and read these blogs with difficulty if the font/colour/layout is challenging.

I'm sure there is an explanation for the problem with green. Macular Degeneration alters colour perception. An opthamologist would explain.
cc The Bones Blog

georgem said...

Good for the bishop. But nul points for the person who chose that particular picture of Pope Benedict against a much younger Pope John Paul II. What's with all the inky shadows around Benedict? It all makes him look quite sinister imo.

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