Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Dr Shaw challenges Mr Inwod

There is rather interesting post on Dr Shaw's blog, in which he accuses Paul Inwood of, errrr, telling untruths about certain priests substituting the Traditional Mass for the "Principal" Novus Ordo Mass. He challenges Mr Inwood to disclose some facts.
I understand Mr Inwood has been making the same allegations for sometime, creating a degree of hysteria amongst his followers.


Anagnostis said...

Paul 'Pinnochio' Inwood still doing his schtick, is he? The poor fellow's stressing over his Golden Goose.

AHJ said...

Unfortunately the "Pray Tell" blog does not display properly on the computer I am using so I cannot read the article referenced, or PT articles generally. Am I missing much?

georgem said...

For as long as I can remember there has been a certain amount of churn, ie parishioners switching to the church of their choice. They may prefer the personality of the priest outside their parish or his way with the liturgy. They may have bolted for other reasons but they are not, and never have been, of the victim status accorded to them by Mr. Inwood.
The complaint of being robbed of their rightful heritage and having to travel to attend the Mass they love at inconvenient times is familiar territory for those of us who were denied the EF absolutely for more than 40 years. Our distress calls were lost amid the vaunting jangle of Mr. Inwood's nu-Church.
I'm tempted to say what's sauce for the goose . . . but in charity I won't. Because I am truly sorry if people believe they are being denied an authentic way to worship.
"In My Father's house there are many mansions" John 14:2. Enough to accommodate us all.

Tom said...

Does any Catholic who knows and the loves the Church and her liturgical discipline give a fig for the rambling thoughts of Mr Inwood and his ilk? Their days and influence are a diminishing force anyway these days. I don't and I don't anyone who does.

Physiocrat said...

I never did like that man's music but than that is a personal taste. I wonder how much he would stand to lose in royalties if parishes got rid of hymn books with his compositions in them and replaced them with Gregorian Chant which is public domain. (though the typesetting of Chant might not be so be careful what is photocopied)!

Anonymous said...

I am not English. Does your opening illustration indicate that this is what I have heard called a Bun Fight?

Michael P. Forbes+
Rochester, MN

Fr Ray Blake said...

No, those are an English delicacy called a "pork pie" which of course rhymes with "lie", hence "telling porkies" is a colloquialism for not being entirely truthful.

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