Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Quem Quaeritis in Sepulchro

Another of Petar's beautiful and thought provoking videos
Quem quaeritis in sepulchro, Christicolae? Non est hic, surrexit sicut praedixerat ! Ite, nuntiate quia surrexit de sepulchro !
Redemptor noster surrexit de sepulchro, qui liberavit tres pueros de camino ignis, Alleluia !
Resurrexit Dominus, Resurrexit Leo Fortis, Christus, Filius Dei !
Resurrexit Dominus a mortuis, sicut dixerat; exsultemus et laetemur omnes, quoniam ipse regnat in aeternum, Alleluia !
Alleluia, resurrexit Dominus, alleluia, sicut dixit vobis, Alleluia Alleluia !
Alleluia, surrexit Dominus vere, venite adoremus, Alleluia !
Tu es Domine Salus nostra ! Spes nostra ! Gloria nostra ! Misericordia nostra ! Auxilium nostrum ! Fortitudo nostra ! Liberatio et redemptio nostra ! Victoria nostra ! Arma nostra invictissima ! Murus noster inexpugnabilis ! Lux, via, et vita nostra !
Ipsi soli imperium, gloria et potestas per immortalia saecula saeculorum !
Ipsi soli virtus, fortitudo et victoria per omnia saecula saeculorum !
Ipsi soli honor, laus et jubilatio per infinita saecula saeculorum !


pelerin said...

A stunningly beautiful film and even on my small screen it looked in 3D - no special glasses needed. Our planet is such a magnificent place. Venite adoremus indeed.

Anna J said...

Anna J

I love this video!! Easter joy. It stirs in my heart the thought of the entire world letting go of all conflict and sin, and instead lifting their hearts and voices in praise of God...a glimpse of heaven! How I long to be there!

Thank you for posting this video.
Happy Easter!

Gigi said...

Seriously, how can you watch and hear this and not be assured of absolute creation and the indomitable spirit of man?
Thanks Father Ray, God Bless.

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