Saturday, April 09, 2011

Good Friday - Help!

Does know where I can get a copy of the Sung Passion of St John in the verncular for Good Friday? Is there anything on line?


Anonymous said...

The two that spring to mind are:

Fr Weber’s setting (Modern Notation)

More challenging:

Victoria’s (you need SATB for the chorus)

I'll have a look for something simpler because l think honestly you would struggle to get the singers even for the Weber

Jane said...

Hello Father. How are you?
Yes, there's a recording on YouTube in 8 separate parts.
Google "The Passion of Christ according to St. John in English YouTube" and you should be able to find it.

Fr Ray Blake said...

Thanks, Jane but I wanted it for the Liturgy - in three parts

Fr Ray Blake said...

Ah Clare, I should have realised you had it dealt with!

Anonymous said...

Viadana's version is rather nice.

You need a Chronista who can sing well for this..

Andrew Lyons said...

Hi Father - ring the Holy Name Church in Manchester 0161 273 2435 - they sing t every year and will, I'm sure let you have a copy.

FatherTF said...

We used to sing it at the English College. The setting was done by Fr Guy Nicholls and is probably the one that Fr Matus uses at Manchester, so if you can't get through to Fr Ray, try Fr Guy.

Andrew Leach said...

I have a copy. English, plainchant with four-part Victoria interpolations.

In fact the booklet includes all the Good Friday propers: Responsories (Domine audivi, Eripe me), Passion, Acclamations for the Unveiling of the Cross before Veneration, Victoria's Reproaches including Hagios Theos, John of Portugal's Crux Fidelis, Pange lingua, and antiphons for the Translation of the Sacrament. All in English. I can lend you the copy.

E.D.M. said...

Try this


Chris said...*pIpg

Authorised Version - so probably not much use to you, but may be of interest - and Sarum chant.

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