Thursday, January 06, 2011

Happy Epiphany or Thursday after

I had my camera stolen before Christmas, I bought a new one yesterday so here is a picture of our crib, I love the figures, they are beautifully painted and modelled. The pre-Christmas snow inspired the white theme.
After First Vespers one of my parishioners came round with an Epiphany Cake - thank you Mary.

This evening we will have an EF Mass, this morning we had a school Mass, the children came wearing crowns which they cast down before the altar steps at the beginning of Mass.

Can you say prayer for a couple of intentions.


Unknown said...

Lovely cake!

Prayers said for your intentions, Fr.

Tom Sharpling said...

We have just eaten our Epiphany Cake too, and written above the door with the blessed Epiphany chalk,
Prayers also said for intentions Father.

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