Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Join Friends of the Ordinariate

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Boris said...


Anonymous said...

I note that The Church' of England, Wales, Ireland and The Scottish Episcopal Church have withdrawn the use of their Logo's.
They obviously do not wish to be associated with these people.
So why should we sign to become "Friends of the Ordinariate",what purpose would that possibly serve?

Fr Francis Wadsworth said...

Becoming Friends of the Ordinariate shows our support for those who are making a very difficult decision to become one eith the See of Peter. Leaving behind friends and colleagues is never easy and they will need all the support that they can get.

Dorothy B said...

As a Catholic Friend of the Ordinariate, I agree with Fr Wadsworth's comment. It is a matter of solidarity on a journey that will no doubt bring difficulties, but also - I firmly trust - great joy.

Basil said...

Peter, I don't konow whether you are a Catholic, but we have a duty to offer the hand of friendship to all who seek communion with the Church.

Anonymous said...

Indeed yes I am a Catholic. I try to practice charity but I do have grave misgivings about this Ordinariate. I am also entitled to my own opinions.
I do not think that this Ordinariate is the best thing for Our Church.
I was mortified to read that the Anglican Bishops are being ordained Catholic Priests in the space of two weeks. One can argue that 'this Saint' and 'that Saint' came into the church in a matter of days...it does not justify this rapid move.
We cannot forget that these men have abandoned their life long faith, the customs and culture of the Anglican church, a faith they have raised their children in, without a backward glance, and suddenly they become Catholics.

All too often on Catholic blogs, those who do not agree with the webmaster or his faithful posters are not made welcome. So be it, but my opinions will remain the same.

Basil said...

I agree that all of us are entitled to our opinions - but you state that these men left the Church of their baptism "without a backward glance"? I happen to know that this is not true. I also happen to know the personal cost of following ones conscience wherever that might lead. It is not an easy path I can assure you.

Priests are not ordained for their own benefit or because they deserve it in some way. It is the Church who calls men into the pristhood for the benefit of other people. In this case, these men are needed as priests in order to get the Ordinariate up and running as quickly as possible.

Many other convert clergy have waited years before being ordained. Others have never been ordained at all. Is this unfair? Of course not. The priesthood is a gift for the Church and it is given by the Church. It is not some kind of reward for ones own personal glory.

William Wheatley said...

Peter Collins, I happen to know that the three bishops received are affirming their long-held Catholic faith by this move. They are in no way abandoning their faith, for their lives have been devoted to building Catholic faith in Anglicanism -- and by their move they are admitting that it cannot be done in Anglicanism. The Pope knows them personally, and has been in discussions with them for over ten years leading to the establishment of the Ordinariate. He knows the Catholicity of their faith, and he knows the Catholicity of their theology and theological knowledge. After their ten-year period of discernment, there is no need for further discernment, nor for further training in the Catholic faith, before ordaining them.

AHJ said...


you are, of course, entitled to your opinions, but I suspect that they may not be well-informed in this case. As you may not realise, all of these men have been committed to an understanding of Anglicanism that emphasises its Catholic roots, and draws deeply upon Catholic doctrine, spirituality and liturgy. As such, rather than abandoning Anglicanism, I would rather argue that they are coming home to Catholicism, and bringing the best bits of their Anglican heritage with them. I, for one, welcome them without reservation.

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