Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Interview with the Ordinary

You will enjoy this press conference with Fr Newton, Ordinary of the Ordinariate, which took place at Ecclestone Square this morning.
He seems impressively open and frank.


Anonymous said...

Much as one might approve of it, surely it is not a good sign that one of Fr Andrew Burnham's first acts as a Catholic priest was one of blatant disobedience, in that he celebrated his first (OF) Mass with a silent Canon (covered by a sung Sanctus and Benedictus and with the ommission of the acclamations). This is in total disobedience to the GIRM. In addition he used the new ICEL translation of the Ecce Agnus Dei, which is not authorised for use until September 2011. Is this disregard of lawful authority part of the Anglican 'Patrimony' which the Ordinariate priests will bring with them?

Fr Ray Blake said...

I normally delete "Anon" comments without reading them.

I will allow this one.

The GIRM applies to priests of the Roman Rite, Fr Burnham would argue the silent Canon is part of the Anglican Patrimony and therefore licit.

Others might argue it is part of the Catholic Patrimony and therefore licit.

georgem said...

Fr Newton sounds like a breath of fresh air. He couldn't say a lot because at this stage he doesn't know a lot. But he gave refreshingly open answers to all the questions, most of which came from Ms. Gledhill.
A question for Anon. Were you at Fr. Burnham's Mass and is there a video we can see?
I'd be very surprised if he hadn't taken advice on this matter.

Adulio said...

A sincere interview. Congratulations to these three new priests.

Mr Rubio said...

Thank you for making the interview available. Cordial greetings to the three priests and those who will follow them.

David Lindsay said...

As Fr Keith Newton puts it:

"I’d guess it will be about two dozen groups. Mostly around the South of England in the province of Canterbury; some in the North but not many. And about probably between fifty and sixty priests."

See also his remarks about liturgy.

No mention of how many laypeople. And a frank admission that the decision to create an Ordinariate for this particular constituency, in no sense one for which this provision was ever designed, is about preserving the Anglo-Catholic subculture of London, of certain Oxford academic institutions, and of the South Coast. We all know what that means...

Fr Ray Blake said...

I suspect he is underestimating, just to be on the safe side.

I think you are right the Ord. is best when entire dioceses convert but don't underestimate the importance of the Eng. Ord.

Little Black Sambo said...

"Is this disregard of lawful authority part of the Anglican 'Patrimony'?"
In short, yes. Get used to it.

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