Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Just asking

The Christian Institute carries a report on the lobbying campaign of the Scottish bishops against the redefinition of marriage. 14,000 cards have been sent to the Scottish Government, so far and I suppose that Scottish Catholics have had the concerns of their Pastors made clear to them.

Umm, what is being done England and Wales? I don't want to cause trouble, I am just asking, I thought it might be important for children, for the family, for society, that sort of thing.


Ruth said...

Archbishop Nichols has expressed "disappointment". What do you expect, Father, blood?

The Bones said...

The response of the Bishops of England and Wales has been a little disappointing.

karl said...

I think the English Catholic reaction to blessing gay unions can be summarised as, "Who knows what's down the road?"

georgem said...

One mightn't expect blood, more the kind of response given by Iain Duncan Smith on Radio 4 recently. Several times over.

gil said...

You'll be pleased to know that, with two weeks to go, the Scottish legislature have decided to count the 14,000 signatures as a single objection.

FrBT said...

Fr Ray: We need to consider why the Sacrament of Marriage has been pushed to one side. I think that couples have forgotten to some extent, about God and about having their union blessed in the Sight of God. I really cannot understand why weddings cost so much. Some couples say about 20.000. Not in my church! Taking into consideration the planning, the dress, flowers, the limosine or vintage car etc - where is the starting point? Recently I had a couple come to see me for a pre-nuptiual enquiry. We have booked the reception for a Sunday (and gave the date) We don't have weddings on a Sunday was my reply. Shock, horror and blank faces!! So now I say to all the faithful on Valentine's Day - if you are planning to marry in this church before you do anything come and talk to me about dates and times and then from our conversation move onto booking the reception and honeymoon. Put God first and don't forget. They have all got the message now. So we are back on track.

Thomas said...

As another commenter stated, the Scottish Government has decided to treat all 14,000 postcards as just one submission. With about two weeks to go that is, what we call up here, "awfy canny".

We are asking as many people as possible to send in a simplified response form to the Scottish Government to make clear their opposition.

More information at Defend Marriage in Scotland.

Delia said...

Isn't the situation in Scotland a bit different, in that the government there has begun a consultation process? Not sure that this is the case with the UK Parliament.

But hopefully the bishops of England and Wales are forming their own strategy for appropriate action when it is needed...

Thomas said...

Father, I have been speaking with the people who are running the Catholic campaign in Scotland. They have said that it is still vitally important that as many people in Scotland fill in a postcard.

The submission response is, of course, very important but the Scottish Catholic Media Office is concentrating on the postcard campaign to show the strength of feeling.

FrP said...

Fr Ray. I am geeting extremely concerned to the 'sitting on the fence' language, that is being repeated by Senior Leaders of the Catholic Clergy. NO should mean NO. A union of two same gender people is wrong. Do we all understand the words WRONG AND SINFUL? The Catholic Church in England and Wales should state clearly that this is wrong. After all this is the teaching of the Catholic Church. Paint the picture how it really is or step down and let someone do the job. For goodness sake - say what you mean and follow Rome.

Mr William Walsh said...

Father Ray: If Catholic Churches are going to be made to allow same sex blessings, what will be the reaction of the priest, or Ordinary or our Leaders in England and Wales? What will the response be when these two individuals approach the priest after Mass one day?
Recently,my grandson asked me to take him to the next town's Registery Office. He had been invited by his fiancee's friends to attend an union of two men. I being an old soldier and still fit and active, asked my grandson if I could come with him.
He seemed a bit reluctant but he did not refuse his old grandpa.
So I went to see and look at what was going on. Certainly different!
My grandson introduced me to some of his friends and others. I was introduced to a man who I discovered was a Catholic priest from Liverpool.
I was more concerned that this priest was happily participating in this gay union than the union itself. He did not have his collar on.
So I return to my original question. What will be the answer from a priest when he is asked to bless a gay union?
Mr William Walsh

FrBT said...

Fr Ray: A good question from Mr Willaim Walsh - 'what will be the response from a catholic priest if he is asked to bless a same sex union?'
I suggest that if a Catholic Priest blesses a same sex union - he should be reported to his Bishop. If his Bishop does not sanction the Priest and the Priest continues to do this - then I suggest that both the Bishop and the Priest should be reported to Rome through the Apostolic Nuncio's Office.
The matter is rather clear. The Catholic Church says that same sex unions are wrong.
So the message will be very clear in my church. No I cannot bless your union/relationship because you are both of the same sex and this is against the Rules Of Holy Mother Church.

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