Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Unique for a Reason

The US Bishops have produce a website Marriage: Unique for a Reason, check it out.
Any honest consideration of marriage must think about children, the hope of our future. For millennia, people of every generation and of every culture have understood that the marriage of a man and a woman is the central pro-child social institution and the rock of the natural family. Marriage has never been about the relationship of just any two adults. Marriage brings together a man and a woman who unite as husband and wife to form a unique relationship open to welcoming and caring for new life. As the union of husband and wife, marriage is a union open from within to the blessing of fruitfulness. Children are born “from the very heart” of marriage, from the mutual self-giving between husband and wife (CCC, no. 2366). They are the “supreme gift” of marriage and its “ultimate crown” (GS, nos. 50, 48).

There is new video Made for Each Other: Sexual difference is essential to marriage


Pablo the Mexican said...


I thought marriage was the opportunity for a woman to make a man miserable for the rest of his life.


The Bones said...

I'm very impressed by that website. Quite inspirational.

mikesview said...

SMCTOD. Aren't you being just the tiniest bit cynical here? Or is there a subtle subtext that I have failed to discern?

pelerin said...

I think SMCTOD is joking or at least I hope so. When I used to comment on how young my brother looked for his age my husband used to say it was because he wasn't married. He was only joking too - I think!

Lynda said...

Marriage and procreation are functions of the complementarity of the two sexes. Like manhood and womanhood, marriage and procreation are not constructs that can be legislated into existence.

Gigi said...

I think SMCTOD is joking....
I've seen the video before and it doesn't descend into scmaltz or cheesiness.
I do envy some of my married friends - the ones I don't envy are those who HAVEN'T married for love, to sanctify their union and to form a family. And all parties in those marriages are miserable, SMCTOD!
I've probably said on here before (I say a lot of things), that although I've long known that God decided I wasn't going to bear children of my own, I've always hoped to adopt. I hear about and have met some wonderful women who have adopted children on their own; I just don't feel that's right for me. I do believe that children need family and family is at the heart of marriage.
This is quite a gentle, user-friendly website.

Pablo the Mexican said...

"...I think SMCTOD is joking..."

Yes. I was.

Humor in a marriage is important.

It diffuses those things that can grow as little cancers in the soul of the marriage.

Humor gives a husband a chance to hear his wife laugh that laugh that a beloved laughs, and makes her husband's heart grow even fonder of her.

Humor can make a woman sing that song only a wife can sing without her realizing she is doing it.

Humor adds much to a marriage.

If you ask a man why he loves his wife, if he answers "I don't know" he truly is in love with her, for these things are hidden in hearts, only for beloveds to know and act upon.

You can't get love from a book, or a movie; you get it at the Mass, where your first love is God.



nickbris said...

If SMCTOD could find a spouse with the same sense of humour it would guarantee two other people being happy.

Gigi said...

Nickbris! SMCTOD does have a very strong point there: surely marriage should be shared laughter, as well as shared tears; shared hopes and dreams, shared disappointments, shared memories and plans for the future. It's the sharing that sanctifies intimacy and provides the basis for "family". Sadly, I know many people think sharing simply means a joint account.

FrBT said...

Fr Ray- Marriage is a beautiful commitment between man and woman in the sight of God. I say first it is a commitment that should be life long 'til death do us part' Unfortunately, the commitment does not last for some couples -for so many complex reasons. Secondly marriage is between man and woman. God made Adam and Eve. Two people of different genders = male and female = to join together and become as one. To be able to have children, to live as a family and to develop as a family.
Jesus is always ready to bless a union between man and woman in the Sacrament of marriage. The big questions are:
Is the couple ready and able to make a commotment to each other before the Lord's Altar? What does God mean to the couple? Have we as a nation become luke warm to God or even worse stopped believing in God? The couples that I see are very good. We have had an increase in Nuptual Masses this year. I do sometimes ponder if the wedding is overtaken by 'the dress' 'the honeymoon' 'the seating plan at the reception'. I tell my people to put aside all that business and focus on God and the promises that they will make to each other.
I also tell them that I want to see them at Mass every Sunday. Not just sat there but participating in the Mass - at the offertery for example. Some couples have not been to Mass since they were Confirmed. They have a lot of catching up to do and I make sure that I am able to assist in every way.

TJ said...

SMCTOD- you are very naughty with your humour. Are you married?

Pablo the Mexican said...

The Love Story between my wife and I is one very few people understand.

It is sad they do not.

Jesus attended the marriage at Cana because the husband loved his wife to such a great degree he put all his wealth in her hands, to do with as she pleased.

That was a pretty difficult thing for a man to do.

It pleased her that Jesus Christ would be a part of their marriage and He was.

Jesus was so pleased with the woman making her husband have Him as a part of their marriage, He performed His first public miracle at that wedding.

When storm clouds gather and all the demons of Hell are unleashed against your Sacrament of Holy Matrimony, go forth and engage them; greater is He that is with we.

Savor the time you spend with your spouse at Mass; the both of you are in Heaven at that moment.

Fight with all your might to stay there.

Let us pray for one another, married couples, those that never married, those that can't.

It is very easy to break your wife's and your children's spirits.

Don't forget to smile and be joyous in the Lord.

Ave Maria, Purissima!


Gigi said...

@SMCTOD: I've personally long assumed you were a very happily married man and that your "take my mother-in-law" sense of humour should be taken with a sea of salt! How lovely to hear you refer to your marriage as "The Love Story"! God bless you and your wife.
@FrBT: thanks for that. I don't believe some couples think about the implication of the sacrament of marriage even if they're moved by the beautiful sentiment. Marriage is only truly "romantic" when you appreciate the incredible lifetime commitment of the vows and the beauty of a contentment that is "blessed".
There still seems to be a lot of Muriel's Wedding syndrome around; the wedding as excuse to wear the dress, have the "do", be "a couple". Like most little girls, I had my picture in my head of a beautiful white dress and flowers in my hair, and that picture is still there. I've broken off two engagments in past years because I need to feel "forever" is possible and that God has intended me to be with that person; that it would be a blessed union that could be a family. Girlfriends do seem to pity me as though I've failed somehow; but I'm neither divorced nor despising myself for despising someone I've pledged myself to.
I always hope that the lovely, hopeful bride and grooms, even if they haven't been to church for years, are renewing their faith when they enter into the sacrament of marriage. I hope they are truly in love, because I think true love must always involve God - call me old-fashioned.

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