Thursday, November 24, 2011

Pushkin the Oratory Cat

Cats: I know people who are besotted but me: they make me sneeze. However Pushkin the Birmingham Oratory cat has, apparently, produced a book: Pushkin the Pontifical Puss: Tails of an Oratory Cat.

For insights, from a cats point of view, into Birmingham Oratory life, extracts can be read here.


Jacobitess said...

What a sweet, liddle hitty hat! I might end up buying this book

Gigi said...

Loooove cats, one of the most beautiful of God's creatures. I love the snippet from the book; it may have to go on my Wanted / Treat list.
Y'know if you breathe in lavender or lavender oil before being in the company of a cat, it may well prevent the sneezing... Just a thought :)

FrMH said...

Fr Ray. I can set up therapy sessions if you think that there is a need.

FrBT said...

Fr Ray. I have a cat in the presbytery and she is a good little pussy.She is intellegent and funny at times. She comes to tell you if she wants something. She knows my voice and responds very well.She tells me if someone is around and she sleeps a lot. As for me - I don't get earache or headaches. I don't have to listen to hours of complaints etc. The only thing that my pussy cannot do is cook the dinner and wash up. Apart from that she is lovely. But I am not going to write a book about her.

Pablo the Mexican said...

This can't be a Catholic cat.

It doesn't have a Saint's name.

There are some things cats are good for:

The place the video is filmed is a palenque, a place where cock fights occur, and where Mexican Drug Lords order famous Singers and Actors to perform for them.


Anonymous said...

Now I know the truth of the saying:
" Dogs have owners - cats have staff " !


FrJ said...

Fr Ray I think I will accept the proposal of FrMH and his therapy sessions. Sounds the best option here. cat - books - whatever next?
Should I ask my cat to write my Homily for this weekend? Puurrfect thought. Get the therapy sessions ready!

Free the Birmingham 3: Justice for Fr. Fenlon said...

"insights, from a cats point of view, into Birmingham Oratory life". Boy oh boy if this cat could talk.

PJ said...

Fr Ray has anybody fed the cat?

Anonymous said...

Might be worth mentioning that Fr. Lewis Berry CO said Mass in Port Elizabeth's Cathedral on Trinity Sunday.... The bloggers seems little bothered about Fr. Lewis these days.

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